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    Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager technical preview version 2005 is out

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Configuration Manager technical preview version 2005 is out and here’s a look at some of the features. This is one amazing release, so many great features ! Tenant attach: Install an application from the admin center You need the following setup.. Enable the optional feature Approve application requests for users per device. For more information, see Enable optional features from updates. At least one application deployed to a device collect

    CMG issues

    By Nicked,
    Hi, I have an issue with my CMG and I can´t seem to resolve it. Running ConfigMgr 1910 and using only HTTPS mode with internal PKI. I need some help on where to look, I have replaced the CMG certificate in an attempt to see if that fixed the issue but to no avail. Attached the client location log and it says it can´t resolve the name I can do nslookup and get the cloudapp.net from the external server domain address. I also have a client computer certificate, which should wo

    Cert errors when imaging/PXE

    By CubanCohibas,
    i was having an issue pxe booting with boot file not being received. i found this was due to a expired certificate on the distributon point. i replaced the certficate with a new one, imported and added to the dp and then i was able to pxe boot and receive the boot file like normal. however now i notice that it takes much longer for my imaging to complete. if i look in the smsts log while imaging i see errors "WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_FLAG_CERT_DATE_INVALID" and "WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_SECUR

    Delivery Optimization & Windows 10 Time Service

    By Peter33,
    Hi fellow ConfigManager-Admins,   after testing the Delivery Optimization option in Config Manager 19010/2002 for the last 2 month  at one of our locations, i stumbled across this very strange and annoying behavior on our Windows 10 clients. As soon as you apply the setting to activate Delivery Optimization on the client the W32time service gets reconfigured to sync each and every minute with the configured time server. I'm not sure if that's the intended setting or just an oversi

    How to use software control on SCCM

    By adelgehier,
    Version française  Bonjour, J'ai un petit problème quand je veut afficher un rapport de logiciel . Il m'est impossible de sélectionnez le mois et l’année affin de générer le rapport : Version english   Hello, I have a little problem when I want to view a software report. I am unable to select the month and year in order to generate the report:    

    BitLocker - Drives not Encrypting, No errors

    By BHuenke,
    I am running ConfigMgr CB 2002.  I have installed and configured the BitLocker Management feature and created a BitLocker Management policy.  My test client machine is getting the policy and has installed the MDOP MBAM client software.  The drives are not encrypting, even with the registry keys to enforce encryption as outlined in the videos.  There are no error messages in Event Viewer or the C:\Windows\CCM\Logs\BitLocker*.log files.  It is just not doing anything.  The ConfigMgr Properties sho

    SCCM 2019 unable to sync with WSUS

    By calvin,
    I have done the cleaning up of WSUS Database and Re-add the classification but the problem still persist. The IIS application pool service is running and the SCCM is not able to connect to the WSUS server. What should i do? I think SCCM is having some other issues. Im encountering some errors in the component which is in critical status. I have also tried uninstall the WSUS and SUP but still no luck. Critical  SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER SCCMSERVER.SCCM1.LOCAL Monitored Thread Component SCC Onlin


    HI Everyone, I hoe this email finds you in your best health. I have been trying to fix an issue where the machines from a particular locations are failing to PXE boot giving an error which I haven't faced yet so I need your expertise to find out the root cause of it. For a specific site all the machines are failing to PXE boot and when we checked the log to find the exact reason for it it says: "AsyncCallbacl():WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_SECURE_FAILURE ENCOUNTERED. dwStatus

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