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    problem with Third-Party Software Update Catalog Dell

    By sajeret,
    I have problem with Dell catalog. I use MECM 2010 with Hotfix Rollup (KB4600089). The HP catalog works fine. I can publish Third-Party Software Update Content for both catalogs. The Download and Deploy operations also work properly with the HP catalog.   If I select download on the selected Dell content, then everything looks OK, but SCCM does not actually perform the download operation and the "Dell driver package" folder is empty. I tried subscribe and unsubscribe Dell catalog, but it had

    Token-based authentication for cloud management gateway Internet clients failing

    By Henry_EZ,
    Hello All, I am running SCCM version 2010 with a pki infrastructure so that we can use our CMG to manage clients out in the wild. This has all been working great but recently i was tasked with putting a solution in place to manage our non domain joined DMZ assets and my original solution was to manually export certs from out PKi and manage them via our CMG. This proved more difficult than i thought with our cmg not accepting any of the export certs. During my research i came across the toke

    How to Deal with Multiple Hard Drives in OSD?

    By wudevr,
    I am deploying Windows 10 to HP Z840 and Z8 PC's using OSD in Config Manager 2010. Some of the Z8's are brand new, but most of the systems are running Windows 7 and are managed by SCCM. Some of them have single SATA or SSD drives. Some have multiple SATA or a mix of SATA and SSD drives. In systems that have an SSD and a SATA drive, I want to ensure the OS gets deployed to the SSD. In systems with multiple SATA drives, I want to ensure the OS gets deployed to the smaller drive and the lar

    3rd party updates

    By jkjk12,
    I have added the Dell catalog.   It has synced.  No errors in log files.   But when I go to my software update point and click on Products I do not see Dell listed.   I should see Firmware, Software, BIOS that I can click on. enable 3rd party updates on SUP = Yes enable 3rd party updates in client settings = yes let sccm manage certificates = yes   Running MECM 2013.   What other setting am I missing?         

    Warranty Info

    By jkjk12,
    I know this is not the best site for what I will ask but I figured it is worth a shot.   Dell has a tool called DellWarranty-cli.exe that is supposed to take the warranty information from a Dell computer and upload that into your SCCM/DB.  Problem is Dell has zero to little documentation on actually using it.   Does anyone have a working command that imports the warranty information from a Dell computer into SCCM?  I've tried many different command lines and so far none of them work. T

    Can't push client to any machine

    By jkjk12,
    My target laptop is joined to the domain.   Domain Admins is a member of its local admin group.  Boundaries are setup.  Machine shows up in "All Systems" since system discovery finds it in AD.    in my CCM.LOG I get this.   All firewalls are OFF.     ======>Begin Processing request: "2097152022", machine name: "P3560"    SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER    4/22/2021 7:19:59 AM    14424 (0x3858) Execute query exec [sp_IsMPAvailable] N'TST'    SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER    4/22/20

    Policy ID location in SCCM console

    By MarkK,
    I have created a Task sequence deployment type for an application which is comprised of packages that run programs. i have also deployed the application to a device collection and have tested this many time in our DEV environment with no issues, works perfectly.the application has now been promoted into QA and each time it is attempted to launch it fails after 30 seconds with the following errors.Downloading policy body {70de7448-de08-44cf-84e0-428a1698b10c}. TSAgent 4/19/2021 3:28:29 PM 11548 (

    CMG for O365 updates

    By rob343,
    Hi,  I have CMG set up for Office 365 monthly updates, I want the content to come from CMG rather than Microsoft. but it is defaulting to Microsoft. I do have the content distributed to the CMG (Deployment package) I also have the tick box for use Microsoft de-selected on the deployment. this is frustrating as we want to switch to split tunnel to force VPN to use CMG. Normal updates are coming from CMG (direct) ok.  any ideas Guys  as always much appreciated.  Thanks

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