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    deploy certificate to server with sccm

    By takoroni,
    hi i need to deploy server certificate to a domain witch  have no CA in the AD ( external domains) i have several domains all have SCCM client  ( install the sccm cert manually ) i have created a template in my root CA - no problem deploy it with GPO autoenrollment in my domain now i need anther Cert witch is server authentication where there is a way to deploy it witch SCCM ? thank you roni

    How do you in-place upgrade your home workers?

    By Siroj,
    Hi guys. We are having discussions on what path we should follow regarding the in-place upgrades of the laptops from the personnel that is working from home. All those laptops are connected through direct access and we have upgraded most of the laptops to build v1709 using a regular TS. Major difference was that at the time the personnel were at the office most of the time so we could pre-cache all data to the laptop when they were there. Now that almost all of our 3000 personnel is working

    Getting obsolete Software Inventory results.

    By Maestro,
    Hello, comrades! I've created the report "Products from .exe files"- and it's working in a strange way. I.e. I'm looking for SW product '222'. OK, I find it on computers "aaa", "bbb", 'ccc'. Particulary, i find this file at '\\bbb\d$\install\222'. But on computer 'bbb' drive D have been changed a month ago and there the directory 'd:\Install' not exists at all. Is there a chance that "Software Inventory" are put to some kind of cache? Any ways do drop the cache? Thank yo

    Pulling OSDComputername into Powershell for Task Sequence

    By Grover,
    Hello Everyone,   I'm still fairly new to the OSD  task sequence portion for Imaging and Re-imaging in SCCM.  I need help with the Powershell cmdlets on how to call/carry over the OSDComputername variable from a previous Task Sequence step, which I believe contains the  Computer name from reading the information in the BIOS,  over to the Powershell environment so that I can run  the following powershell commandline : remove-adgroup -identity "$computername-admin" At my work

    software updates

    By Quinten,
    I have enabled 3rd party software updates within SCCM.   When I try to download any 3rd party update I get this error   "All software updates in this selection are expired and meta-data only, and cannot be downloaded"    What causes this and how do you fix it? Thank you. 

    SCCM Scheduled deployments not installing when scheduled

    By Joe20123,
    I am new to SCCM and my agent and most other things are set to default. I can install an app from software center but if i schedule it to deploy at 9:30 am and the installation is asap or 9:40 the installation just randomly installs when ever. sometimes hours later. I don't have a maintenance window setup for my collections. I am trying this with installing chrome.   Any Help would be appreciated.

    Software Center - 3rd Party Patching

    By Quinten,
    We have enabled 3rd party patching and we've noticed that when we deploy Dell 3rd party updates they do deploy down to our systems (both Latitudes and Optiplex)    We setup our SUGS to run at night.  on any target system once the updates run you can view them in Software Center \ Updates.   They show as Installed.   Here is the problems.  The updates never clear out of Software Center \ Updates and each night they reinstalled.   I've sat there and watched at the Software Center \ Updates and eac

    The migration of sccm2002 management center site and main site to AlwaysOn environment causes problems

    By radish,
    AlwaysOn server multi-instance, 2 member servers W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER    1433,4022 W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER2 1633,4023 W2019-SCCMDB2\MSSQLSERVER  1433,4022 W2019-SCCMDB2\MSSQLSERVER2 1633,4023 AlwayOn-DB 5022 5044 port AlwayOn-DB2 5023 5045 port   First migrate the management center site to W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER2. Everything is fine, even if the members of the alwayson database are restarted. After the management center site co

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