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    Fixing an evaluation version of SSRS with "HTTP Error 503. The Service is unavailable"

    By anyweb,
    Introduction I was writing a blog post about Troubleshooting BitLocker Management in ConfigMgr 2002 Current Branch and one of the things I was trying to do was install the web portals, but I was seeing errors shown below. Get-ReportServiceUri : Caught exception querying report service at http://cm01.windowsnoob.lab.local/Reportserver I assumed this was because SSRS was not installed or configured but after checking the lab, I could see it was indeed installed and configured. How

    Find Differences in Security Roles

    By rdr222,
    Is there an easier way to find the actual differences between 2 security roles?  I have some custom security roles that are based off the built in security roles.  When a new feature is introduced or new permissions are added to the built in role I want to reflect those new permissions in the custom role.  RBAViewer can compare the roles and see how many differences there are between the custom one and the builtin one but won't actually tell me what those differences are.  Is there a way I can s

    Wipe OS Drive ONLY and keep Data partition untouched.

    By mikatechs,
    Dear Experts, I'm trying to figure out the way, that would leave D:/ Data partition untouched while deploying OS images. We have computers with 1 HDD (Disk 0) with 2 partitions (System Drive C:\ and Data D:\). So when I have to deploy image, I have to backup all data from their computers to somewhere and than deploy image which formats whole Disk 0 and creates new partitions as specified in Task Sequence. So I was wondering how can it be achieved, that Task Sequence could only format OS Parti

    Bitlocker Helpdesk portal missing the report (audit)

    By Chrlau,
    Hi Got Bitlocker running long time ago via the SCCM integration and just missing one thing that I know of and that is the report (Audit) in the https://Myservername/Helpdesk   -  Portal. I do not remember if I added the report AD group parameter when I setup the portals long time ago. Can this not be added later and/or changed and viewed/check which AD group got the access if any? I do have the AD group and I guess I setup the rights, but do not know and still not visible when I a

    SCCM Console Builder Help

    By Dpw,
    I would like to add a column that is currently not available in the console, I would like a way to add the AD Display name into the drop down list and add the column. I have been unable to find a successful way of doing it. But since the company I work for uses assigned non friendly usernames, I would like to be able to add either display name or email address to the device list. Please help.  

    将sccm2002服务器Windows2012R2升级到server2019之后,指定的服务器不是Configuration Manager站点服务器

    By radish,
    After sccm2002 server Windows2012R2 is upgraded to server2019, The specified server is not a configuration manager site server A management center site 666 is windows2019, and a main site 888 was originally Windows2012R2 upgraded to Windows2019 Added in the registry Software\Microsoft\SMS HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurePipeServers\Winreg\AllowedPaths The sms permission in wmi is also eligible After upgrading the operating system as required, the main site

    ConfigMgr Clients Inactive

    By day79,
    We have a ton of ConfigMgr clients that are showing they are on, but "inactive". Clients haven't sent their heard beat or inventory in several days...see attached pic. These machines have been powered on all week.  They aren't able to install software from Software Center or take deployments.  We recently upgraded to 5.00.8968.1000 and installed a hotfix.  Any suggestions on what to check?  Management Points all look good.  Reinstalling the client appears to work but there are tons.  We do use S

    Cool new features in Technical Preview 2008

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft released TP2008 yesterday, more details here, but I was busy building my deck so I didn’t blog anything, but I did the upgrade and waited until today to see what’s new. And as usual, it’s a list of loads of new additional features.   So what is new and exciting in this technical preview release of ConfigMgr? Collection query preview When editing queries for collections you can now preview the results real time. So let’s try

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