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    Software Update Fails After Requiring SSL 8531

    By MagnumVP,
    Client logs show: 0x800b0109 I have done all the standard checking for this error and nothing seems to resolve it. I'm allowing Third Party certs via GPO to all clients but they just won't scan. I exported the cert from the server and imported it on the client (which actually shows two in both locations because SCCM client put there there for me).  All the logs indicate that it occurred last Wed the 22nd. This corresponds to the time I enabled 3rd Party Software Updates which generates a ne

    Lost All Ability to Sync Updates - Since October 2019

    By MagnumVP,
    According to my SCCM I have not sync any updates from MS since October 2019.  I have nothing for November through now. The wsyncmgr.log shows it connects and syncs.  

    Unable to connect to WSUS Server

    By MagnumVP,
    The SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log is showing "Unable to Connect to local WSUS Server" every minute ans has been for days (the log only goes back 3 days and it's full with these messages). I recently performed an in-place upgrade from 2012 R2 to what is now 1910 with Hotfix. So far everything seems to be working as expected but notices this last night and I'm not sure where to look. I can connect to the local SQL DB where WSUS DB is located and connect to the SCCM DB as well.

    PKI Certificate setup for Multiple Domain

    By senthil,
    Hi,  I have followed the below  link on SCCM for HTTPS PKI certificate in my environment. But we have multiple domains.  Created the cert in 1 domain and able to see the  Auto Enrollment Client Authentication certificate in windows 10 machine(same domain), but in other domain it is not working. All the Domains are trust releated but still not working  Would help me on PKI Certificate implementation in multiple domains https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/16300-how-can

    SCCM Multi-Domains Client Install Failure

    By ImaNewb,
    I am currently managing 2 companies that have a 2 way domain trust. These companies are sister companies but have separated infrastructure. They each have their own network; physical and logical, domain controllers, etc. I installed SCCM on Domain A and currently do not have infrastructure setup to install SCCM on Domain B so initially I setup SCCM with HTTP but moved to PKI/HTTPS last week. Everything on Domain A is going well but today all systems in Domain B have become unmanageable which I f

    Upgrade W10 1803 to W10 1903 with Sccm

    By salento9,
    Hi all, First of all thank you for all your good job done in this site! May you please help with the following problem: In a virtual lab (Working with evaluation licenses) I'm trying to upgrade w10 1803 to 1903 with Sccm 1902 using the upgrade TS, I'm using the w10 enterprise evaluation, In the setuperr.log i see the known error  "MOUPG  MigChoice: Selected install choice is not available. 0xC1900204" which means wrong SKU, but i'm sure that both versions are w10 ENT Eval but

    Cloud Management Gateway Setup Questions

    By bcsdtech,
    Hi All, Currently managing SCCM infrastructure for K-12 School District. Since we are currently on stay at home orders, I've researched Cloud Management Gateway to be able to patch / deploy software to clients over the internet. We have very few concurrent VPN licenses and the client is not installed on everyone's machine. All Devices are already Hybrid Azure Joined through SCCM.   I successfully setup CMG using a cloudapp.net address... IF a user connects through VPN, their

    Surface pro drivers via sup

    By rob343,
    Hi, I have set up my sup to pull in all the surface pro drivers, which are all coming down happily. But none of them are showing as required not a single one. Do I have to enable something for it to check?  Thank, stay safe R

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