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  1. Is there an option that can I setup that allow me to start a task-sequence installation only if it is detected the user is logged off (not using the PC)?
  2. Hi Simmsman, thanks for your replay. I am not an expert ....do you mind to share the steps you have done to deploy the update and install it on next log on?
  3. I have received this unusual request. In some circumstances when a tasksequence is deployed (eg windows update) the installation is interrupted / disturbed because at that time the user is forced to use the PC . The result is that the installation fails. According with the request the goal to achieve would be to start the tasksequence installation when the user turns off the PC ( that means when the pc is potentially available for the installation).
  4. Often happen when a windows update is deployed by task sequence that users following to use the PC interfere with the completion of the task ( it fails). I was wondering: is there a way to setup the task sequence (es: OS update) start when a client PC shutdown?
  5. The strange thing is that the client is a Primary Site .... during the ADR update checking the progress I can see the primary site (SITE1) as unknown , there are no error to refer . It seems the primary Site doesn't recognize itself.
  6. I have several PCs inactive present in SCCM. At the moment I can't delete those PCs in AD. I was wondering if I can setup somehow system Autodiscovery in order to avoid to discover all AD including a rule to avoiding specific OU. Is it possible?
  7. How can I setup Autodiscovery to exclude a specific OU in AD?
  8. I am noticing that once an ADR start detects the primary Site as unknown (tab). I couldn't find the reason.
  9. I can see several PCs with no client installed present in the list. Is there a way to delete (clean) also all this devices without the agent installed? I couldn't find a way to do it.
  10. I followed your directions I only added one more. Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data Delete Aged Unknown Computers Properties Delete Aged Inventory history Delete Aged Discovery data *** Delete Orphaned Client Deployment State Records
  11. Following my tests I have noticed an improvement in the automatic maintenance of the platform by setting the "delete" suggested.
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