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How to add languages pack in the SCCM tasksequence

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Im trying to build the new win 10 21H2 image adding inside 2 extra language using DISM. This image will be included in the SCCM tasksequence .

With the first simple test (without adding a language) everything worked fine .... 

Later once I injected another language by DISM 

Dism /Image:"<PathToNewFolder>" /Add-Package /PackagePath="<PathTo.CABLanguagePack>"

something happen because it failed.

I have seen your guide: 


and i need help to understand what is the best process and steps.


To avoid wrong steps what is the right way to add extra languages in the tasksequence image deployment?

1) Inject the extra language by DISM?
2) create a proper answer file?

3) add both in the tasksequence?

About the language:

1) where I can take or download the compatible languace pack (win 10 21H2)?

2) what about  experience pack .... do I need to add also them (which I don't quite understand what they are for)?


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things have changed since i wrote those blog posts, the most recent article on language packs is here, please take a look at it

I don't capture images any more, I always make any changes that are needed via the SCCM task sequence as the computer is being deployed


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Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

I looked at your post and there are some things that are not clear enough for me.
1) At point 5 you suggest: "please integrate MDT with ConfigMg" using the file (to download) "Windows 10 LTSC language packs without internet". Do you mind give me some advice in how to do it?

2) Later , you have explained other speps, but as I am not an expert I am not able to do them. Could you kindly give me some help to perform those steps I listed  below ?:

  • (1) injects the system, user, locale specific settings based on the dynamic variables (set above)
  • (2) copies the en-US language pack + FOD packages, and metadata
  • dynamically downloads (3) the FOD package
  •   bunch of DISM commands (4) to inject the necessary FOD packages
  • sets some reg-keys (5)



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1/ to integrate MDT with ConfigMgr do as follows but use the latest version of MDT, this blog post is old https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/5131-using-sccm-2012-rc-in-a-lab-part-16-integrating-mdt-with-configuration-manager-2012/

2/ i'm not following your question, what exactly do you need help with ?


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