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    Secondary site server - msg queue taking most space in drive

    Kiran chandra B
    By Kiran chandra B,
    Hi, wanted to check with you on secondary site - msg queue taking most space in drive as below  - , Please provide yur suggestion if server restart will help to resolve this issue -  check with you on secondary site - msg queue taking most space in drive as below   

    Running OSD task sequence from Software Center shows installation in progress

    By radish,
    Running the OSD task sequence from the Software Center shows that it is being installed... Does anyone know what's going on?   TSAgent.log Show these errors reply has no message header marker Failed to request policy assignments (Code 0x80004005) Error initializing policy environment variables. Code 0x80004005 Error LoadPolicyBasedEnvVars, return code 80004005 Error initializing Task Sequence environment. Code 0x80004005 Task sequence launcher deployment

    Offline OSD going to Interactive logon process initialization has failed

    Deilson Oliveira
    By Deilson Oliveira,
    I created an offline media of the Windows 20H2, where I have two Windows version options, I'll call version A and version B Version A: is a standard task sequence, which disables the bitlocker, partitions the disk, installs install.wim, installs the configuration manager, restarts, then adds 3 programs, which are: 7Zip, Adobe and Notepad++, and finishes Version B: identical to version A, but without 7zip. The most bizarre thing is that in version B, everything works without a prob

    [HELP] Offline Task Sequence Media and as last task capture C:\ and place in hidden partition

    Deilson Oliveira
    By Deilson Oliveira,
    In the company I work for, there are situations where internet access is very bad, so we deploy the image using offline media (putting the USB on the computer and installing the image from there). And there are also regions where it is difficult for us to hire temporary analysts to make some demands.So I thought of an alternative to prevent our analysts who are on the users' end from always deploying when the computer has startup problems.I was wondering if it could work like this:1- The install


    By lalajee,
    Hi,I have VB script which is being push to user machine with hidden settings but for some reason it showing on some users machine.VB scriptrobocopyC= robocopy "Source" "Des" /E /ZB /Purge /R:0 /XF "path\file" /log: "Logfile"tmRC = WshShell.Run(robocopyC, 8, True)Package settings (See images)   How do I stop showing robocopy pop on user machine. I dont need to notify or tell user if anything is running on they machine.

    Installation of Windows and Configuration Manager steps did not start

    By radish,
    Traditional bios mode boot method, task sequence set more than 3 steps to format the hard disk where the disk 1 task sequence operating system partition does the OSDdisk variable Then the installation of Windows and Configuration Manager steps will not be booted, check the logs to find the cache path corresponding to the folder that can not be properly started to install Windows and Configuration Manager steps ..... After several tests respectively with Hyper-v, Vmware, physica

    sccm 2103, 2107 cmtrace tools open OSD smsts log in PE environment, complete windows environment does not display Chinese text

    By radish,
    sccm 2103、2107 cmtrace工具打开 OSD smsts登录PE环境,完整windows环境不显示中文 这是一个错误吗?     The log tool of the sccm2010 version can display Chinese, and the Chinese part of SCCM2103 2107 is displayed as... smsts.log

    Problem request gestion Office 365

    By adelgehier,
    Hello, I have a little problem finding an SCCM request. I would like to display the name of all my customers who do not have office 365 installed on their workstation, except I can only find the number but cannot display their name.

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