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    Access to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current evaluation version 2103

    By RAHill,
    Greetings, I am trying to access to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current baseline evaluation version 2103. The link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-microsoft-endpoint-configuration-manager no longer works it goes to the Surface Devices web page. Am I missing something or is this web page down?  Your assistance will be appreciated, Robert

    Pre-stage content not report to site server

    By lalajee,
    I build new DP and set it up for pre-stage content but packages are not mark as successfully even after i run the pre-stage command On remote DP I have copy all of the pre-stage packages and run following command for each package ExtractContent.exe /f /P:X:\Prestage\Content\xxx28.pkgx When I check the prestage log file under SMS_DP$\sms\logs\PrestageContent.log I see following messages Sent xxxx28.5 package state message to site but after few days I still see same packag

    SCCM Client Issue

    By asad,
    Just General Information  If i change DNS address for sccm client apart from DNS port is there any other port need to be checked for sccm client to send its inventory to MP.Its not new DC just DNS services are installed  and existing DC are in place which have DNS role so client now have new DNS entry along with older ones .After this DNS update client are now showing not active in Console more like its not able to resolve MP computer name nwo https://siteserver/ccm_system/request

    How to increase SMSCACHESIZE to 10% of the disk space while upgrading client

    By lalajee,
    I'm upgraded clients using an bat script and setting the SMSCACHESIZE to 10% of the disk space. I'm running following command START /WAIT %~dp0\ccmsetup.exe /retry:2 SMSCACHESIZE=10 SMSCACHEFLAGS=PERCENTDISKSPACE FSP=FSP /UsePKICert /NoCRLCheck But SMSCACHESIZE is still same. Current SMSCACHESIZE is 2GB new size will be 10GB

    Windows image not being pulled from nearest DP but from SCCM server (slow)

    By baldurfour,
    Hello, I'm trying to set up a DP locally. De boot image is being dragged from the DP since i monitor the network traffic with resmon and goes up when it's loading, however the windows image it's being pulled from the Server (It's also a DP) I've been doing my investigation and everything seems correct:  DP:    If I try to disable the SCCM DP, the task sequence will return an error since it can't find the package "Configuration Manager Client Package"... The r

    Install mutliple language using OSD TS still in english

    By lalajee,
    Hi, I use below article to create an TS to apply German Language but when I login my language was set to enlgish, Welcom screen and welcome message was in german. I can see that the language pack has been installed without any issue. Please see the unatted.xml file and also unattend.xml file from WinPE           x64unattendOSD.xml

    Windows 10 multi language Install using SCCM

    By lalajee,
    Hi, I have TS to install Windows 10 multi language. I'm downloading the langauge packs into folder and then i'm using powershell script to install it. Install Client LP script Param ($contentPath) Set-StrictMode -Off $logFile = "C:\lang\InstallLanguagePacks.log" if(!(Test-Path $logFile)){New-Item -Path $logFile -Force} $contentPath | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append [array]$AllLPs = Get-ChildItem "$contentPath\*\LP\Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_x64*.cab" "{0:u} |

    Removing Application Web Portal

    By ShaunT,
    Hello, I am running MECM 2010 and in preparation for the update to 2203 I have removed the Application catalog roles. I am now receiving errors: Site Component Manager failed to install this component, because the Microsoft Installer File for this component (portlweb.msi) could not install. Refer to the SMSPortalWebSetup.log, the PortlWebMSI.log, as well as the ConfigMgr Documentation and the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further information. Site Component Manager failed to instal

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