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    Issue with running task sequences over internet via CMG

    By BCPanda,
    What I'm trying to accomplish: I want to make available a custom task sequence over the internet allowing for download-on-demand of a package instead of pre-downloading the content. Task sequence settings: 1 command line step to run a powershell script with a package included. Package has been deployed to CDPs. TS Deployment settings: Allow TS to run for client on the Internet, Download content locally when needed by the running task sequence When I click install on the task seque

    Configuration Baseline to remove desktop icon

    By nhottinger,
    I setup a configuration item and baseline to remove an icon on the Public desktop but it's not working.  Here's my setup: SCCM Current Branch 1910 Configuration Item - Settings - looks for C:\Users\Public\Desktop - shortcutname.lnk.  Compliance rules must not exist on client devices. Configuration Baseline - I added the configuration item to the evaluation conditions and deployed to group as usual.  Even setting the evaluation time to 1 minute, it has not removed the icon after 2

    Problems installing ConfigMgr (2002) MBAM Recovery Websites

    Eden Nelson
    By Eden Nelson,
    I'm having trouble with the MBAM Recovery Websites on Windows Server 2016 (1607). The Powershell script installs without error. when I go to the Helpdesk page and enter my credentials it wont does not authenticate me and just keeps prompting until it goes to a 401.2. When SelfService page it gives me an error: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file speci

    SCCM 1910 failing Task Sequence on all packages & applications

    By amakusa007,
    I been getting issues with the task sequence on all packages & applications inside sccm. The version I am using is 1910 on a windows server 2016 performing pxe boot in uefi. My last known good deployment was on March and the only thing we did on this server is windows updates. Has anyone else been having this issue?

    Installing SCCM CB - Failed to find or create machine self-signed certificate on SQL Server

    By hdddisco1,
    Hi All, First at all, Its a pleasure to sign in to this Forum. Thanks for your support! I'm working on a secured environment and trying to install SCCM CB 1902 for a demo purpose and are stucking on an error during SCCM install on step "Generating self signed certificate on SQL Server..." My insfrastructure: - AD DC Windows Server 2016 with System Management container created and respective permissions asigned - Remote SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016. SQL s

    accidentally deleted task sequence

    By CertisEU,
    Dear, I just discovered that my most important Task Sequence has been deleted by someone ...  Is there a way to restore this?? must appreciated if you can help me out! best regards

    Imaging to RAID volume

    By COB TSS,
    We have a machine with RAID card installed and configured that fails to image via PXE. When the task sequence gets to the partition disk step it immediately fails as it can't see any physical disks. When installing from bootable USB, Windows was able to detect both the onboard RAID controller volume and the volume from the attached to the external RAID card. Is there a way to make the task sequence see the RAID volume and complete Windows deployment.   Thank you

    SCCM source location

    By rob343,
    Hi does any know of any tools to assist in moving the sccm source repository. For updating all the location on all packages, apps, drivers etc?  Thanks Rob   

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