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  1. Hi Folks, I'm looking an explanation if anyone can makes sense of my strange finding. We can using ADR's that run generally after patch Tuesday, for example on the Thursday. So i have a group of servers to be patched using an ADR (No Maintenance Window) on a Thursday at 8pm deadline to install/reboot as soon as possible, now what i noticed servers aren't taking the updates straight away so not even on the same day for example a few servers took updates the next day at 9am in the morning which then means they rebooted shortly after. Can someone explain if the updates are set to install at 8pm and install as soon as possible that servers are taking so long as in downloading/installing updates the next day which is causing issues in production with server rebooting? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. i'm now looking to setup maintenance windows to try to make sure updates install on the day they are suppose to & between a set time period. TIA Owen
  2. Hi, i have a few clients non domain joined that i want to manage with sccm, i've done all the usual configuration ( I think) but when i install client on workgroup machine it doesn't talk back to the site server. There are no FW blockages so ports are open Boundaries as setup. So can anyone tell me step by step how to do this so i can go over it in case i've missed something? TIA
  3. Hi, I'm trying manage clients from another domain (trusted) I've configured everything i think needs configured, sccm discovers server objects but says no clients i manually installed client on server on other domain and client finds site but doesn't update with policies. i do see some certificate errors which i'm not sure about. Has anyone went through the same task that could help me out with what i'm missing to get this working? TIA
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