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    By Sokoban,
    Hi I have problem with the Management Point in SCCM I have trying uninstall and install again Management Point .. Still same error .. and I haven't CCMSETUP Installed on the SCCM server. I have that features installed: Remote differential compression BITS IIS 6 WMI Compatibility   <Sat Mar 5 18:35:43 2022> bgbisapi.msi exited with return code: 1603 <Sat Mar 5 18:35:43 2022> Backing up C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\l

    Pull DP Package Transfer Manager failed to update the package

    By lalajee,
    Hi, I have pull DP and some of the packages are failing with this massage. Package Transfer Manager failed to update the package "xxxx05", Version 1 on pull distribution point Pull.DP.COM. This pull distribution point has no sources from which it can download content. We will try again later. I have Prestage this package on the PUll DP but after 24 hours, it showing under progress with above message. In PrestageContent.log I can see following message 'Sent xxxx05 package stat

    Converting CMG to virtual machine scale set failed

    By Bram,
    The conversion of a classic CMG to the virtual machine scale set model failed. In the end I found out why: Microsoft.KeyVault was not yet registered as a resource provider in the Azure subscription... But now we're stuck with a broken CMG that has status 'error' - unable to connect to the cloud service. The broken CMG service name uses our own domain and wildcard certificate: brokencmg.company.com. Just wondering if I can just spin up a new working cmg under the same domain newcmg.company

    SQL Query to get all System discovery containers OU

    By lalajee,
    Hi,   I need an sql query to get OU list for every primary site within CAS I have following piwershell script but need sql query to do same   cls $listAdContainers = (get-cmdiscoveryMethod -name ActiveDirectorySystemDiscovery -sitecode xxx).proplists | where-Object {$_.PropertyListName -eq "AD Containers"}  ($listAdContainers.values -like 'ldap*')

    Win 7 to 10 MDT TS migration user data backup with customsettings.ini

    By pcteklink,
    Hello,           I'm trying to perform a Refresh from Win 7 to 10.  I can't use the stand TS as there's no customsettings.ini            My question is do I have to disable any of the format steps in the MDT TS?            I know if I use the Stand TS with install existing OS and Win 10, I have to uncheck the format and partition steps with hardlinks.             I'm trying to create a backup.wim and to use the following in customsettings.ini    [Default] ScanStateAg

    SCCM 2 Domains in 2 Forests

    By ImaNewb,
    0 Votes"0 blacksuit07 asked • 14 hours ago | blacksuit07 edited • 0 secs ago Actions SCCM Client Management 2 separate domains with two-way trust I am trying to manage a 2nd domain, separate forest with two-way domain trust but I cannot install the SCCM Client. Setup: Domain A (SCCM Server, etc.) PKI CA configuration SCCM CB with HTTPS communication Domain B: Handful of workstations and 4 Servers No CA in the domain

    Distribution Point Job queue Manger show 86 jobs running for last 5 days

    By lalajee,
    Hi,  Under the Distribution Point Job queue Manger it show that 86 jobs are running for last 5 days.   I have checked Distmgr, PKGXfermgr log on primary server and SMSDPPRov log on DP but I dont see any issue. The DP which is showing 86 package running is Pull DP Our Setup CAS with 3 Primary Site With DP and Pull DP My question is Does it mean 86 Jobs are replicating to this server or is this server replicating 86 Job to other DP's What logs i ca

    How to add a second AD Forest to MEMCM ?

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi Everybody. I need to know how to add a second forest to my MEMCM environment. What type of AD Trust is required? What I have to do within a trusted and also in an untrusted forest ? Has anybody a guide for me how to do it? Do I Need to extend the AD scheme in the second forest? What Firewall Ports do I have to Open ? What I have to do in addition in MEMCM or somewhere else? Thanks in advance Regards Flo

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