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    Software Center: the software could not be found on any servers at this time

    Deep Parikh
    By Deep Parikh,
    I have an issue with 2 client PCs software center not working since past 2 days. The is Operating System task sequence targeted to these PCs to make it as a Master PC to stage other Windows clients.The task sequence have 1809 configurations. When I open Software Center-> OS tab -> Click Win10 1809 configuration task sequence -> Install -> The TS does not run and show above error.I have checked boundaries and Boundary groups of this region and they are pointing to nearest Distribution

    OSD Puts the image on the drive. Then setup error after reboot

    By xerxes2985,
    Imaging using a working image, complete with all the requirements for NVMe drives (Intel RSTe drivers, etc). The TS is just a basic install OS, with nothing additional. Once the image applies, and it goes to reboot into Windows, a box comes up saying Windows Setup could not configure on this hardware.  Computer is a Dell Precision T5820 with a 512mb PCI-E NVMe drive Any thoughts, ideas?

    C:\ drive Full

    By nhottinger,
    We are running 1902 with the Hotfix rollup. Server 2012 R2, 32GB RAM.  OS is installed on C:\ (102GB), SQL DB installed on E:\ (199GB), and SCCM is installed on F:\ (1.70 TB).  My C:\ drive is completely full, ie 0 bytes free.  What can I do to free up some of this space so I can actually use the Admin console again?  I've tried to go through and clean up things but there isn't much else I can do (that I know of).  Is my C:\ drive just not big enough or will it just fill up more if we add space?

    About the _SMSTasksequence folder Is the variable command instead?

    By radish,
    Guānyú_SMSTasksequence wénjiàn jiā shìfǒu biànliàng mìnglìng lái dàitì? Yòng mdt fābùle yīgè qūdòng bāo rúhé zhǐdìng mìnglìng lù jìn zhíxíng suǒzài chéngxù,_SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.X86.Exe/Fa, wǒ fāxiàn zhège_SMSTasksequence wénjiàn jiā yǒu shíhòu huì zài zuìdà défēn qū lǐmiàn, bǐrú shì C.D huòzhě E wǒ gāi rúhé zhǔnquè zhíxíng_SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.X86.Exe/Fa ne? 展开  

    SCCM USMT ignore the restore folder.

    By pasha_mayerov,
    Hello. I have such xml file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <migration urlid="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/IncludeExtensionsandExcludeFixedDisc"> <_locDefinition> <_locDefault _loc="locNone"></_locDefault> <_locTag _loc="locData">displayName</_locTag> </_locDefinition> <!-- This component migrates user files with known extensions--> <component type="Documents" context="System"> <displayN

    About the sccm F12 pxe after the user state migration is stored on the server

    By radish,
    Excuse me, I want to start the OS image after the computer presses F12 pxe to capture the user data and transfer it to the server instead of formatting the disk installation system immediately. This method is useful when transferring data sometimes when the computer system can't get in. How is this set up?     According to this setting, it seems that the user settings are not captured first, but the application deployment is started directly.

    Chaining an OS Upgrade Task Sequence

    By xerxes2985,
    Is it safe to chain an OS upgrade Task Sequence? For example, I've finally been able to upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 to Windows 10 Enterprise 1703, then once that upgrade is complete, I want it to immediately upgrade from 1703 - 1903. Will it work like this? Or do I need to create some sort of variable, etc.    Thanks!

    Bluescreen Device needs to be repaired PXE Boot

    By Susie,
    Hi Guys, since days I try to get working my SCCM 1902 it's a fresh lab I made. Installed SCCM with all Features on one Server. Everything in one subnet no Options in DHCP no IP Helper. And always a Bluescreen   I already disabled the PXE thing in the DP so WDS was uninstalled, rebooted the server and reenabled PXE again. Like I read everywhere in the Internet. But still geting that anoying BS. Meanwhile I'm really pissed an think that it was a bad choice

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