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    SCCM Clients PCs are inactive.

    By Datafast,
    After several days I have this 2 PCs inactive in the SCCM console. The SCCM agent client is installed. The firewall on the clients is OFF.   NOTE: How can I check if the agent is really installed on the PC and if the communications between SCCM and client isn't blocked? Thanks

    Task sequence logs seem to have changed with MECM CB version 2203

    By fj40ratt,
    Good afternoon all.  Hopefully I'm not going crazy here but I recently updated MECM to 2203.  In the past if my memory serves me correctly, the smsts.log files used to display the individual steps within the TS groups and whether they were successful or not.  I have a step in one of my groups that runs a script to add devices to automatically add the device being imaged to the collection I have my Bitlocker policy deployed to.  Since the upgrade, that step has stopped working or at least the new

    Admin console connectivity issues

    By fj40ratt,
    Hey everyone.  Hoping someone can help me with this.  I have been working from home since Covid started.  I have a laptop I carry back and forth with me when I do need to go into the office but I also have a laptop permanently sitting on my desk that I remote into for large jobs.  Both laptops have no issues running the Admin console.  I recently convinced my boss to get me a high end machine to park on my desk to run multiple VMs so I don't have to spend my days logging on and off.  On the new

    First looks at Distribution point content migration

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft released another Technical Preview release, this time 2207, and it has a new feature, Distribution point content migration. According to the official blog post this will come in handy when you need to migrate your distribution point content from one dp to another, in particular because of the first 2 points listed below. As I don't have either (1) or (2) I will test scenario (3). Step 1. Satisfy the prerequisites One of the prerequisites is that the u

    Configuration Management Console does not work for some users

    By Nancy,
    After I installed the Configuration Manager 2111 Hotfix on the server, several people are no longer to run the Configuration Management Console. They get the message "The Configuration Manager Console cannot connect to the Configuration Manager site database. Verify the following"   However I am able to run the console from the server and my PC.

    SCCM ADR - Windows Updates

    By OwenL,
    Hi Folks, I'm looking an explanation if anyone can makes sense of my strange finding. We can using ADR's that run generally after patch Tuesday, for example on the Thursday.  So i have a group of servers to be patched using an ADR (No Maintenance Window) on a Thursday at 8pm deadline to install/reboot as soon as possible, now what i noticed servers aren't taking the updates straight away so not even on the same day for example a few servers took updates the next day at 9am in the morni

    Secondary site prerequisite check fails at domain check

    By Bram,
    I'm currently trying to set up a new secondary site with SCCM 2111 on Windows Server 2019 and the prerequisite check fails with: [Failed]:Configuration Manager site server components must be installed on computers that are members of a Windows domain. In ConfigMgrPrereq.log this is noted as: INFO: Failed to get Active Directory membership information for computer SCCM02-SHA.company.local with 53. SCCM02-SHA.company.local;    Domain membership;    Error;    Configuration Manager site serve

    Task Sequence Issue - OSD

    By Joe13,
    Hi all, I recently noticed that during OSD, only 1 or 2 steps are displayed during the process. The rest "hides" behind the "Just a moment" Windows loading screen. So I can't open F8 to export the log file, I'm experiencing issues with software that won't install. When the TS is deployed, "Shows steps" is selected. Any ideas?

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