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Windows 10 22H2 No Updates or Drivers

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I'm testing the roll out of Windows 10 22H2, and have encountered some odd problems.

Most computers in the company are currently on Windows 10 20H2, and we have no problems with them. I've updated a handful to 22H2 - some with an enablement package, and others have been re-imaged with a task sequence. All 22H2 machines are facing the same problems.

First of all, driver installation always fails during the task sequence. The only difference between the 20H2 and 22H2 task sequences is the choice of OS image and Unattend.xml.

This is a status message from one of the driver installation steps:


The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Install Graphics Drivers) in the group (Install Drivers) with the error code 2147500037
Action output: ... codedMediaCert, sEncodedEnterpriseCert, sEncodedServerCerts, sAuthenticator ), HRESULT=80004005 (K:\dbs\sh\cmgm\1125_114522\cmd\f\src\client\OsDeployment\OSDDriverClient\onlinedrivercatalog.cpp,294)
pOnlineDriverCatalog->initFromTSEnv(), HRESULT=80004005 (K:\dbs\sh\cmgm\1125_114522\cmd\f\src\client\OsDeployment\OSDDriverClient\drivercatalog.cpp,63)
DriverCatalog::InitDriverCatalog( &platformInfo, saCategoryList, pDriverCatalog ), HRESULT=80004005 (K:\dbs\sh\cmgm\1125_114522\cmd\f\src\client\OsDeployment\OSDDriverClient\osddriverclient.cpp,302)
ProcessAutoProvision( pDriverInstaller, bBestMatch ), HRESULT=80004005 (K:\dbs\sh\cmgm\1125_114522\cmd\f\src\client\OsDeployment\OSDDriverClient\osddriverclient.cpp,413)
Exiting with return code 0x80004005CCMRetrieveCertificateContext failed : 0x87d00215
Signing certificate context is NOT defined.
PrepareTransportEx() failed. 0x80004005.
Failed to initialize the online driver catlog.  Code 0x80004005
Failed to auto provision drivers.  Code 0x80004005. The operating system reported error 2147500037: Unspecified error

The other problem is that no updates are showing up in Software Center (on 22H2). All the applications are there, though.

I've looked through a bunch of logs, and can't see anything obvious, so am not sure of the next step. Any suggestions?



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