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    Is it possible to deploy printer drivers during the imaging process via task sequence?

    By ETx13,
    I created the driver package and added it as an install during the imaging process and it seems to have run successfully (checked the logs) but the driver does not show up in Print Management. I'm guessing it's because the printer is a network one and therefore not attached to the device but I'm wondering if it's possible to put the driver on the device so that the user doesn't have to download/install the driver when they go to add printers the first time. Thanks!

    Windows 10 22H2 No Updates or Drivers

    By Sanchez,
    Hi. I'm testing the roll out of Windows 10 22H2, and have encountered some odd problems. Most computers in the company are currently on Windows 10 20H2, and we have no problems with them. I've updated a handful to 22H2 - some with an enablement package, and others have been re-imaged with a task sequence. All 22H2 machines are facing the same problems. First of all, driver installation always fails during the task sequence. The only difference between the 20H2 and 22H2 task sequen

    Run Script Doesn't Work

    By coolsport00,
    Good afternoon - I created a simple PoSH script in 'Run Scripts' to create a local account on some PCs. Simply speaking, it's not creating the account on the client. I ran the script locally on a client to test & it works, but just not via SCCM. I think I'm forgetting something..what, I don't know. (I'm still learning SCCM). I have another script, created 4-5yrs ago, which does the same thing, and it works. I just copied that code and modifed the user/pwd for my current needs. I approve

    SCCM was moved from on prem to Azure cloud now building machines do not work properly

    By tnt_115,
    Hello  We recently moved our sccm on prem server to the azure cloud , since this move we are having issues with building devices. Basically we transferred the pxe from the main server as it is in the cloud to our on prem distribution point so we can now pxe boot and get the screen to kick of the task sequence , but now i am seeing it is missing so many applications and customizations i did, I already distributed all packages to the on prem distribution point. I have tried all sorts its

    Distribution point no longer working as expected

    By zedude95,
    Hey guys,   I really need some assistance here I have 2 distribution points and one of them had some serious issue (even manual microsoft patch couldn't be installed any longer) So i decided to rebuild that DP from scratch (before i removed any role from that DP within SCCM)   Anyway, i rebuild it i tought it was pretty straight forward but of course, i clearly missed something   Right now, the SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER logs shows many lines like this

    0x80072EE2 - An error occurred while resolving dependencies for the selected task sequence - Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (16) I219-LM

    By Junior-SCCM-Admin,
    Dear brothers and sisters from the IT World, I trust this finds you very well. We have received a new DELL Model: DELL Latitude 5530. The model has the following Network Interface: Intel Ethernet I219 Network The required drivers have been properly imported and added to the task sequence (driver package). We have two vlan/subnet where we can stage the laptops: Vlan A - Same Subnet as the SCCM Server Vlan B - A diferent Subnet (Sccm Server), we use ip helpers to ro

    Removing distribute content from distribution point

    By lucky41,
    I can not removing a package / application distribute entry over the Configuration Manger Console or powershell command or WMI. The entry is listed in the properties of the package or application tab “Content” on the package but the “Remove” option in the tab content doesn’t work. The counter of the Content status not included this dp. Monitoring\Overview\Distribution Status\Content Status\%package% not listed this distribution point (all other dp’s are ready) The sql table “ContentDistr

    How to set SCCM 2211 so VPN users get updates through Microsoft?

    By nhottinger,
    Currently running SCCM 2111 on prem.  No cloud presence, no CMG, not using Intune.  Management wants to make sure our remote users are getting windows updates through Microsoft and not coming back through the VPN for updates from SCCM.  What are my options and any documentation on how to set it up would be helpful.

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