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    SCCM Secondary site or DP

    By Adnen,
    Hi, I am working on a Company that have two Enterprises each one has a domain, both have two-ways domain trust.  In the Enterprise A: we have SCCM 1810 Current Branch Primary site, the Enterprise B wants to have SCCM, but the Enterprise A need to have control on the Enterprise B, we are wondering which is the best option we need to take: Scenario 1: install secondary site on the Enterprise B with DP, MP and SUP (download updates directly from internet and not getting updates from

    SQL Reports not showing up

    By kcghonda1984,
    My reports are not showing up under my console. (Monitoring, Reporting, Reports). I've added Administrator User for the Reporting. And created a custom role for this purpose.  When I go to reports in the console, it shows as: http://sccm2016/Reports_SCCMTEST16, and when it attempts to open, it gives this error:  The report server cannot decrypt the symmetric key that is used to access sensitive or encrypted data in a report server database. You must either restore a backup key or delet

    [H] SCCM and OS Deployment

    By Joe13,
    Hi Niall. I need help deploying Windows 10 with drivers and basic applications to existing and new PCs.   If possible, can we cover the following topics: 1. MDT or SCCM or MDT integrated into SCCM. 2. PXE UEFI boot (Who still uses BIOS)? 3. How to capture a custom image? Or how do you create and deploy an image to a PC which will install all the drivers and required applications? - Is this done with TS? - Is this image capture outside of SCCM and then impo

    AD Groups Changing Domain Property in SCCM Console

    Raju Dey
    By Raju Dey,
    Hello Everyone, We have one CAS and one Primary server running SCCM 1802. We have one major domain AD.XYZ.com with domain netbios name as PQR.com. There are few other smaller domains. The domain name field for our clients and AD Groups appeared as PQR in the SCCM console. All our query based collections were set up with PQR\<AD Group name>.  This setup had been running for years without issues, till last week. Last week we observed that collections based on AD user group bas

    Free SCCM Report: Count of Users and Usage Time by Software Title

    By GarthMJ,
    There is still time to get this month free report giveaway from Enhansoft.  https://giveaway.enhansoft.com/ Count of Users and Usage Time by Software Title Problem: There isn’t a built-in SCCM report that can help IT Asset Management (ITAM) Administrators keep track of the number of users that are using specific software titles. Oftentimes ITAM Admins end up creating their own software metering rules for each software title they need information about. They run their monthly


    By rob343,
    Hi, Evergreen has become the buzz word within the management team in the company,   so to achieve this I am working on two solutions. 1. Windows as a service, update the OS, 2. Upgrade task sequence, OS and upgrade some core apps (trying to aviod this)   Does anybody have any experience of doing this with Sophos installed and is it going to give me issues, as I think security have enforced Tamper Guard (I think that’s what it is called), we are also using BitLocker encry

    AD integrated bitlocker

    By Kevin79,
    I know you can unlock drives during OSD when you use MBAM. Is it possible to do this when you don't use MBAM but instead use AD to store the keys?

    SCCM 1810 | Client not installing or not getting services location

    By syparon,
    Hello, We just installed the hotfix for SCCM 1810 (KB4486457). This hotfix implies a new version of the SCCM agent (5.00.8740.1024). We configured SCCM to deploy automatically this agents on workstations and servers but we are experiencing the following issue (ccmsetup.log) : I managed to install the client by using the ccmsetup.exe with the following parameters : SMSSITECODE=LOL SMSMP=HTTPS://SCCM-SUPMPDP2.DOMAIN.COM DNSSUFFIX=DOMAIN.COM CCMFIRSTCERT=1 CCMCERTSTORE=MY But t

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