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    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management and KEY does not show in SQL server

    By keywan,
    I have created a policy for Bitlocker Management for SCCM 2002 and deploy it successfully. I have deploy the portal too and it works too. Now if I deploy my Bitlocker policy to a client, the client does get the policy and MBAM agent is installed.But The Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring does not appear. But I can start is manually If I run now the proccess, it works but I cannot see any KEY under SQL server. After some research I saw in eventlog on the client-->MBAM-->Admin

    Side by Side Migration

    By DJ2016,
    I'm looking to setup a new System Center Current Branch to run alongside our System Center 2012 SP1 correct me if i'm wrong, as long as the site code is different i should not encounter any issues? Also, i read somewhere that i need to disable automatic site assignment but i can't seem to find that option on SCCM 2012 SP1 - could someone point me in the right direction?   Cheers!

    Unable to remote on a machine RRS feed

    By lalajee,
    When attempting to remote log on to a user PC via SCCM we get below message for random people. Pop up box asking for ''Alternate credentials required'' asking for user name and password. This appears when trying to log on via host name and IP address. It can occur at anytime during the day.  On same machine another user will be able to remote on. All of the user have remoting permission. I can't login but someone else with same permission can. I dont know wh

    CM 2002 - Boots into WinPE, then reboots

    By xerxes2985,
    Hey all, Since upgrading to CM 2002, I have done the following: Upgrade ADK to 2004, rebuild boot images.  Now, when I PXE boot, it loads the WIM, loads up the WinPE environment background - then poof, it restarts (I never get prompted with the password entry to start my OSD). I cannot press F8 to have the command prompt appear (I still have that enabled), therefore I cannot get to any log files to diagnose. I am attempting to deploy Windows 10 1903. Any suggestions?  

    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management and Report URL issue

    By keywan,
    Hi, If I run the following script on the SCCM server, I get always the error message: Get-ReportServiceUri : Unable to find BitLocker Management reports on report service at http://sccm/ReportServer At F:\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\MBAMWebSiteInstaller.ps1:1285 char:34 + ...            $reportUriPart = Get-ReportServiceUri $ReportWebServiceUrl +                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteEr

    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management

    By keywan,
    Hi, I have a SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management. I have created a Policy and deploy it to a collection. On the Client machine I see the Policy and MBAM Agent is installed too. But the Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring does not popup. Any Idea why?

    Disable SSL 3.0 on IBCM Server..

    Deepak Verma
    By Deepak Verma,
    Team, In a recent Security Audit at my workplace , it was found that SSLv3 was enabled on IBCM server. We need to disable SSLv3 , TLSv1  &  enable TLSv1.2 . Did anybody done this…  Kindly share your Observations.. Also, Any Support article, guide will be of great help. I have done the changes as per reading on Internet under... HKey_Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetControlSecurityProviders SCHANNELProto

    The ConfigMgr Client encounted an SSL-related failure (0x80190193) when using BITS to access location https://<FQDN of the DP>:443

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi ! I have the following infrastructure: Site is HTTP and HTTPS All the MPs are in HTTPS mode. Several DPs in HTTP and only one which is configured for HTTPS. If I now try to run an OSD, the OSD fails after the step Install Software Updates. I only know that from the Build and Capture Tasksequence. Here I added the client certificate to my MDT package and modified the unattended.xml to import the .pfx file during the Apply Operation system step. What I have to do, to get a

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