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Specific Windows Update required dependency for application

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I have an application that requires a specific Windows Update to be installed before the application can be. Is there a way to check for this update before installing?

Specifically, this is the Sophos Endpoint Protection from Sophos Central. Manually attempting to install without this update gives the message:


Azure Code Signing is not supported. This version of Windows does not support Azure Code Signing. Update your computer before installation. See Sophos KB-000045019

The KB article says:


Operating System support for Azure Code Signing was first made available in September 2021 and requires the appropriate Windows Security Updates to be installed.  Full details on required updates can be found in Microsoft’s official KB5022661 on this topic. 

Downloading the .msu file from the Microsoft Update Catalog fails the install saying "The update is not applicable to your computer" so it appears there are other updates that are needed before this one can be installed.

SCCM will push out all the updates that are required. It just takes time. I'd like an installer in Software Centre that either installs the dependencies or doesn't display as available until the dependencies have been installed. Is this possible? If so, how?

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you could have a detection script for the KB like so, change the kb number to whatever kb you are looking for


# niall brady 2023/10/04
# check if the KB is actually installed

$result = systeminfo.exe | findstr KB5030310

if ($result){
write-output "Found KB5030310"
exit 0}

else {
write-output "Could not find KB5030310"
exit 1}


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