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SCCM 2309 - Issue updating Architecture x86 boot image with new ADK

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We upgraded SCCM today to 2309 and on top of that to the 2nd latest ADK + WinPE (22621) since we still are in need of MDT as it is right now.


The Upgrade went smoothly however after that I experienced issues with updating the architecture x86 boot image with the new ADK. The x64 and also the new MDT boot image that I created works.


When I am trying to update the x86 Boot Image I get the error given in the picture


SMSProv.log shows the following errors:

Execute SQL =select  all SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.DateCreated,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.Description,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.FeatureType,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.LastUpdateDate,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.NumberErrors,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.NumberInProgress,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.NumberInstalled,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.NumberUnknown,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.ObjectID,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.ObjectType,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.ObjectTypeID,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.PackageID,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.SoftwareName,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.SourceSite,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.SourceSize,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.SourceVersion,SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.Targeted from fn_ListObjectContentExtraInfo(1033) AS SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo  where SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo.ObjectID = N'P0100004'

Error setting property (TransformAnalysisDate) 0x80041002!

Error setting property (TransformReadiness) 0x80041002!

*~*~K:\dbs\sh\cmgm\1026_005344\cmd\u\src\SiteServer\SDK_Provider\SMSProv\sspbootimagepackage.cpp(5539) : Failed to register to status manager~*~*

*~*~Failed to register to status manager ~*~*


This in itself causes issue with PXE boot for us.


Anyone has any tips on how to resolve this?




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there is no more x86 boot image in the Windows ADK and that is why it fails to update the x86 boot image,

This is by design: The 32-bit versions of Windows PE (WinPE) in the WinPE add-ons for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 aren't supported.

for more info and a possible workaround see here > https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/892268/unable-to-update-x86-default-boot-image-after-upgr

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