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    SCCM 1902

    By Hardik,
    Powershell script in task sequence does not run successfully. What is the best way to run PS script during OSD task sequence?

    defaultuser0 and account unknown?

    By xerxes2985,
    Hello all. I've run into a bit of an odd issue with a defaultuser0 account being created, as well as an "account unknown" showing up in User Profiles. I am able to log in with a domain account, as well as a local account, but one side effect of these two "accounts" is that the "Desktop" shortcut under "Quick Access" is stuck to "C:\Users\Default\Desktop" regardless whether a domain or local account logs on the computer.   Is there some step I can do to prevent this "defaultuser0"

    Discovery Question

    By twidener,
    We currently have a live SCCM ver 1802 running serving our users,  we were looking to add several DP's and then one thing lead to another and the decision was made to just create a whole new SCCM instance with several DP's located across our college campus.  We haven't turned on any type of discovery yet as we are still in the process of moving the many different software titles over to the new environment.  We are wanting to do things a little different as we have several techs that are dedicat

    Primary server can't access the admin$ of DP server

    By Mostafa,
    I’m facing a weird issue in these days with two distribution points . I have one CAS , 3 Primary Servers and several DPs . there are two DP Servers aren’t accessible from their PR server (means C$ and Admin$) but they are accessible from CAS server as shown below and consequently cause no extra packages able to be distributed to those DPs   Both of PR and CAS located in the same Subnet and existing in the local admin Group in the DP Servers.   i can ping the DP server fr

    Update Error SCCM to 1906

    By AlekseyM,
    Hello! Can help me? I have the following situation. There was a problem updating on one of the primary SCCM sites. Error: 0x87d20b15. The problem begins here: *** declare @t table (ObjectKey nvarchar(512) , ObjectTypeID int)                 insert into @t (ObjectKey, ObjectTypeID)                 select distinct ID,  TypeID from vRBAC_AllItemsID                 where TypeID IN (select ObjectTypeID from RBAC_ObjectOperations where OperationName=N'Set Security Scope');                 insert

    SCCM 1902 migration to new server

    By HaroldM2,
    I'm trying to migrate my existing SCCM server to new servers.  We have SCCM on one box and SQL on another box. Both old servers are running Server 2012, and SQL is 2012 Std CU10 SP3. What's the easiest way to get everything to the new servers?  I haven't done anything on the new boxes yet, as I want to do this correct and not have to redo things..

    SCCM 1902- Driver Package

    By Hardik,
    I added Dell drivers which were available in CAB format. How to add drivers for "surface go" as they are available in MSI format.  Please guide.

    SCCM 1902 Distribution Point Prereqs

    By Hardik,
    What are the prereqs for creating distribution point?

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