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    About the sccm F12 pxe after the user state migration is stored on the server

    By radish,
    Excuse me, I want to start the OS image after the computer presses F12 pxe to capture the user data and transfer it to the server instead of formatting the disk installation system immediately. This method is useful when transferring data sometimes when the computer system can't get in. How is this set up?     According to this setting, it seems that the user settings are not captured first, but the application deployment is started directly.

    Chaining an OS Upgrade Task Sequence

    By xerxes2985,
    Is it safe to chain an OS upgrade Task Sequence? For example, I've finally been able to upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 to Windows 10 Enterprise 1703, then once that upgrade is complete, I want it to immediately upgrade from 1703 - 1903. Will it work like this? Or do I need to create some sort of variable, etc.    Thanks!

    Bluescreen Device needs to be repaired PXE Boot

    By Susie,
    Hi Guys, since days I try to get working my SCCM 1902 it's a fresh lab I made. Installed SCCM with all Features on one Server. Everything in one subnet no Options in DHCP no IP Helper. And always a Bluescreen   I already disabled the PXE thing in the DP so WDS was uninstalled, rebooted the server and reenabled PXE again. Like I read everywhere in the Internet. But still geting that anoying BS. Meanwhile I'm really pissed an think that it was a bad choice

    Chrome extension in the SCCM package

    By JWorkman,
    Can a google chrome extension be added as part of a packaged installer along with the msi

    How do I stop Win 10 from complaining about a lack of internet during first boot?

    Malleus Usarum
    By Malleus Usarum,
    Hello everybody,   we have a rather annoying problem with our newly installed Windows 10 clients. Since our company does not allow internet access for clients for security reasons and therefore our domain network does not provide such access, Windows 10 shows a "Connect to a network" dialogue during first boot after completing the OSD TS. Unfortunately this dialogue seems to pause the boot process, so everytime an OSD TS has been completed, someone has to walk over to the client, click

    Query for installed software failing to grab all devices

    By JWorkman,
    I just did a deployment of software that deployed to over 90 machines successfully. But when I make a query to try to capture all devices with that software and version, it only pulls in 19 devices.All files and folders for the software update from old version to new have the exact same names and folder structures. I've tried a compliance baseline but it's not working either.How can I get a query to pull all the devices that have this software and version? I included the correct Software Invento

    PXE Request Forwarding Possible

    By YPCC,
    Hi All, I have a question if anyone can help. I have 2 different offices (Office1 and Office2). Both have a local DP and both are PXE enabled. Our current DHCP config is setup as:   Office1 - 192.168.10.x There a Microsoft DHCP server (local DP) that issues 192.168.10.x addresses to all clients in Office1, If you perform a PXE boot form within this office, it will download the boot image from the local DP in this office. All good here   Office2 - 192.168.20.x

    PXE Boot not working

    By gabe94,
    Hi,   Been all over the net, can't find anything at all in relation to this.  Brand new 1902 setup on 2019 server -- and I can't get PXE boot working whatsoever.  Always getting:   Configuration Manager is looking for policy.   I've tried the countless suggestions here and elsewhere, and i still can't fix it.  Here's my SMSPXE.log   I've rebuilt the boot image, ensured boundaries and all else work.  I can deploy an application to systems, so I'm sure my bo

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