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    BitLocker Audit Report blocked from HelpDesk portal

    By fj40ratt,
    When I try to open the Recovery Audit Report from the HelpDesk portal nothing happens.  If I right click it and tell it to open in a new tab I get about:blank#blocked.  I'm able to open the report from within SCCM console and I am a member of the required security groups. Any ideas?  Thank you in advance.

    Install drivers via task sequence

    By kesh,
    Currently on on V1906. Had about 50 laptops imaged, but the drivers where not included in the task sequence.  I am trying to deploy the drivers to a collection that includes all the new laptops via a TS but keeping getting the errors below. smsts.log

    SCCM version 2002 all clients showing inactive

    By amakusa007,
    I am in need of help here. We have recently discovered that all of our client are showing as inactive since 7/10/2020. The only thing we had back then was the certificate authority renewal of certificates for all computers. we have renew all certificates on all the computers and servers but no luck on sccm. I have updated the certificate inside the distribution point with the new certificate and still showing inactive on all clients/servers. I have tried switching between HTTP and HTTPS as well

    AD subdomain build secondary site server PXE prompt CryptVerifySignature failed, 80090006

    By radish,
    Hi friends    I encountered a problem. I set up a secondary site in the subdomain to enable PXE distribution points, and the client failed to start after PXE startup. The prompt reply has no message header marker, Failed to send status message (80004005) I have tried to update the certificate, delete the pxe settings, delete the secondary site server, and reinstall the operating system. It still works. What should I do? Can anyone help how to change the log to deal with this failure

    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management TPM and PIN

    By keywan,
    Hi, We have a Policy Hardware option in our Company. The hard drive has two Partitions C:\ drive is for OS  and D:\ drive for data. If I create with SCCM a Bitlocker Policy I can select protector for OS drive "TPM and PIN" or "TPM only" By selecting "TPM and PIN" the Bitlocker ask by every booting the PIN. Is there any option to define a policy that the C:\ drive to encrypt with "TPM only" and D:\ with "TPM and PIN"? Regards

    Windows 10 Clients configure for stand alone WSUS bound to SUP

    By siewjb,
    We have a ConfigMgr setup where I work that was put in with a primary focus on patching servers, and for managing antivirus for both Clients and Servers.  This is the way things are and ultimately I want to get our on-prem clients pulling OS updates from ConfigMrg, but we aren't there today.  We do have the ConfigMrg client on all our Windows 10 machines so they are part of ConfigMgr inventory and we get Windows Defender reporting out of them. In order to keep the Windows clients patched we

    The extended attributes are inconsistnet

    By JBudd,
    I am running into an extremely odd issue. I have several task sequences that are failing to apply image during OSD. When I check the smstslog I see the following error "Failed to run the action: Apply Operating System. Error 255" I can find no mention of error 255 anywhere on the internet. When I check the status messages for the deployment ID I see the following: "The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Apply Operating System) in the group (Install Operating Sy

    Capture Reference Image

    By Dinus1979,
    Hi guys,   i have a problem with my capture reference image. i have multiple scenarios, i try to caputure image on 3 different computer:   Laptop HP (dejoin from domain) Laptop DELL (no join domain) Virtual Image (Capture successfully)   I try multiple solution without win. The Capture Media starting but after 2 minute i do not see nothing.    

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