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    Cloud Management Gateway

    By Kevin79,
    I want to make sure I understand this correctly. If I want to deploy Windows Updates to clients that are on the internet (part of our domain but never VPN in) and have those computers download the updates directly from Microsoft, I would only need to setup a Cloud Management Gateway and PKI (if not using AAD) or use Azure AD, correct?   If not, what would I need to setup to do this? 

    Deploying OS to Dell 7070 with bios set to Raid On - nvme drive - BSOD after reboot

    By Adam_Nox,
    We have some Dell Optiplex 7070 computers, and I'm trying to deploy a Windows 10 1909 image to them without changing the default bios configuration, which comes set to "Raid On" in Sata Operation.   The default dell image works fine, so I'm not sure why ours does not. I'm imported all of the drivers that I could find for this model and intel storage in general. The task applies the OS and works in winPE fine, but after rebooting just gets a blue screen.   How do I get this wo

    Global Condition Gateway

    By M13LU,
    Hello everybody, I need to create an application that has different msi parameters depending on the VLAN the server is in. I thought i would use different Deployment types and determine the subnet by using a custom Global Condition. I started with creating a global condition using a powershell command (Get-NetIPConfiguration | Where-Object {$_.IPv4DefaultGateway}).IPv4DefaultGateway.nexthop this returns the ip address of the gateway but found out that this would only work on windows

    Upgraded to 1906 and now unable to open Client Settings, Need help please

    By aaronb09,
    I just upgraded to 1906, everything passed, i did both Hot fixes and now when i try to edit the client policy i get the following error and then it crashes the console. I have googled around, looked all over the internet and found nothing on this error or how to fix it. I did find a couple things about editing the policy to true in the WMI powershell but i have no idea how to do that and Microsoft is absolutely trash on explaining this process, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    SCCM 1910 - PXE Boot 0xc0000001

    By Joe13,
    Hi gents. I'm pulling my hair out, whole of last week and this week I'm using OSD to deploy PC's for a new contract. Few hours ago all stopped working, any PC or laptop, intel, hp, lenovo. All fail with this error. Nothing on my environment changed. Some research takes me to the March 2019 CU update. It is not installed on my server. Both these registry keys were set back to default with no difference on the outcome. RamDiskTFTPBlockSize RamDiskTFTPWindowSize

    Secondary Server Rebuild - Not Installing Apps During Task Sequence

    By jhl_2012,
    Hello, Recently I had a Secondary site Server die. I deleted it out of SCCM, rebuilt it and recreated it back in to SCCM as a secondary site with the same name and IP Address. Everything will work fine expect the installing apps step in the Task sequence for clients on this site. I have rebuilt it several times to no avail. Interestingly enough if I rebuild the server but using a name that hasn't been used before all apps deploy successfully during the task sequence. So

    SUP Updates Not Installing

    By Scottpowers82,
    Hello, Apologies if this is a repeat thread, but I haven't been able to find the correct info I'm looking for here or anywhere else on the web.  Have been using SCCM for quite some time, but only recently started using the SUP portion of it.  I have created a Software Update Group with 119 updates contained in it (Essentially all Windows 10 Updates) as a base line to push out to my machines to make sure that they are as up to date as possible.  However, the only thing that appears in the So

    Clients incapable of Https communication report

    By dj3094,
    Hello Experts, I ran the report "Clients incapable of Https communication", I have seceral clients that are incapable, when I check the cert they are not expired. ALso the report is missing lot of machines. Is there any cycle or something I can run on a machine to change last report date? Any suggestions to make my clients capable  Thanks in advance DJ

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