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    OSDComputerName issue

    By KeithDib,
    Guys   Been building Windows 10 1709 for about a year all fine... We are starting to build 1809 and all works except the TS/Naming now seems to ignore the Collection Variable 'OSDComputerName'   I have both 1709 and 1809 images, both building from the same 'All Unknown Computers' collection, the 1709 works the 1809 does not. the 1809 uses a copy of the TS from 1709 with just the WIM changed.   Any ideas?   thanks

    Report Subscription for Hardware Inventory completion

    By xerxes2985,
    I am trying to create an email notification that will report all the systems that completed their hardware inventory (which occurs daily) and those that haven't, and send an email notification with the status. Is this possible?   Thanks

    SCCM 1810 Application Approval Request Emails

    By mhedden94,
    Been checking out the new email approval feature for application requests in CB1810, however, I am running into an issue and can't seem to figure it out.  To start, I can successfully request an application and SCCM triggers the alert and I successfully receive an email.  However, when I attempt to approve or deny the request, I get a website security error and can't proceed.  I am not using Azure integration and I am attempting this on my local intranet.  Any ideas?  (Sensitive information removed)   Thanks! Mark

    PXE error

    By rustam_sh,
    Hello, guys! I have a problem with my SCCM 1806 Primary Site enviroment in attachment. I already reinstalled PXE, WDS twice, recreated all boot images at Primary SCCM server But it didn't helped. Same time we have additional site server distribution point whith PXE enabled at other office and same task sequence works just fine without any error. All boundaries and DHCP options configured well. I don't have a clue what to do else. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    Definition updates wont be applied to windows 10 Clients

    Christoffer Mikkelsen
    By Christoffer Mikkelsen,
    Hi There! Christoffer here, worked with SCCM for 2 Years!      We have a customer who is running sccm 1806 - clients is minimum 1709.
    Our problem is, that definition updates wont be applied to the windows 10 clients.
    It startet to occur, after i installed a new standalone 2016 WSUS server, identical to their old 2012. If i run the initial synchronization for the ADR i can see, almost all computers have a Group policy conflict, and from what i can read, it comes down to wsus gpo(update service location).

    Client Peer Cache - reaching PCs in remote sites...

    By JPUK,
    so with remote sites that have no SCCM DP, we are looking at how we can automate/light touch/deliver the thick files to these devices We are running 1806, and I understand that Client Peer cache can get the files to a device at that site,  still looking for a good guide/white paper that explains how that works. My other question is around OSD at these type of sites that have poor bandwidth and are far from our main campus, are there tools that I need to look at?   any help would be massively appreciated

    How do i list content in a folder in the configmgr console? with powershell

    By Always,
    In the gui i can see two collection under the folder but under powershell i get nothing=? anyone know how to emulate content in the folder?


    By rob343,
    Hi I have been asked by our management team to write a doc on evergreen and windows 10, and how they utilise the new Buzz word. can anybody point me in the direction of what evergreen actually means, is it upgrade Sequences or windows as a service or both ? any links to other posts or websites would be gratefully received.   thanks   Rob 

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