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    ADR - No Updates for Feb

    By clush,
    In my organization we use ADR Rules for monthly software patching and have been doing so for the last 2-3 years.  I noticed for the Month of February 2024 that there has been no updates pushed.  I see not errors for the ADR for Windows 10 updates in the console.  However when I check show members in the deployment packages for it shows only the pervious month of updates dating back to patch tues on Jan 9, 2024.  How my ADR are setup from the beginning is to check and download 2 days later on tha

    Configuring SCCM to use HTTPs - Certificate Issue

    By ETx13,
    I've been following this guide to a tee: How can I configure System Center Configuration Manager in HTTPS mode (PKI) but I've run into a snag. After switching the MP to use HTTPs, I looked into the logs to make sure it switched over properly but I've been getting this error: Couple notes: 1. I was getting a "Certificate doesn't have SAN2 extension" error so I found out that I had to add the "Client Authentication" extension to the SCCM IIS Certificate which got rid of that error.

    SCCM OSD inject drives practice for HP, DELL models?

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts, I've set up SCCM OSD and successfully deployed the latest Windows 11 to ASUSD320 models, all is good. Now I need to deploy the same OS to the HP laptops but when I tried F12 to network boot, it flashed in less than 1 second and switched back to the boot order option wizard. Since it's working fine with ASUS models, I suspect it had something to do with the network drive not being detected or injected. In MDT, we use the general driver packs for HP and Dell and it works fi

    Correct steps for updating TS and xml for OSD?

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    In our scenarios, from time to time we need to update our unattended.xml for the TS to deploy new OS to the client machines. I didn't find anywhere, what are the correct steps to perform the updates? We need to update the xml file, link it into the TS then do we really need to update the distribution point via the Reference tab? or we actually need to reload the x64 boot image?

    SCCM can't skip OOBE wizard for OSD

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts, I'm trying to deploy the latest Windows 11 via SCCM, I'm using WSIM to custom the xml file, I got the below validation results: The setting has not been modified. It will not be saved to the answer file. Components/oobeSystem/wow64_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup_neutral/OOBE/VMModeOptimizations Setting NetworkLocation is deprecated in the Windows image Components/oobeSystem/wow64_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup_neutral/OOBE/NetworkLocation Setting SkipMachineOOBE is depr

    Best practice or correct steps to use ZTI solution for SCCM OSD?

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts, I've been using Windows MDT for OSD for years and very new to OSD in SCCM but we would like to hand on this new solution. I've been reading MS articles: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/customize/desktop/automate-oobe https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/deploy-windows-cm/prepare-for-zero-touch-installation-of-windows-10-with-configuration-manager These seems quite complicated to me as I feel lost what might be a better solution for

    Query based collections can't be deployed to TS?

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts, I have some AD-based device collections and also another one where all the computers have client installed. I created a TS for OSD and would like to deploy it to both UNKNOWN computers and KNOWN computers. I can select All Unknown Computers collection from the list (this is the default one in SCCM). However all the query based collections are invisible at this wizard window. Only the custom collections that have direct members show up. I need to sometimes deploy OS (

    Failed to install the secondary site

    By zhangyongcheng,
    Dear all      When I installed the auxiliary point, I said installation failed. I searched for a long time but couldn't pinpoint the problem.      Below are the screenshot of the error and the log file. Thank you for your advice and handling.     ConfigMgrSetup.log SMS_BOOTSTRAP.log smstsvc.log

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