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    Using UI++ With SCCM

    By coolsport00,
    Hello all - My former co-worker implemented UI++ in our SCCM environment. It works ok; all is fine, but I need to make a change to the UI++ config file and not sure how. Before you say "contact the UI++ site"..yeah, I did already  The config file we use with UI++ is generally ok too; I just need to make some changes to the file so what is displayed via UI++ during imaging (pre-Task Sequence) shows the changes I made. We have UI++ configured as a Prestart Command within our Boot Image. Our B

    Deploying OneNote for Windows 10 (appx) as a package

    By ETx13,
    My goal here is to be able to deploy this version of OneNote during imaging. We currently have it in Software Center as an available install but I've recently discovered that appx files are not supported during imaging. So I had an idea to package the files and deploy it via Powershell. My script has a single line: Add-AppxPackage -Path ".\Microsoft.Office.OneNote_16001.14326.21452.0_neutral_~_8wekyb3d8bbwe.AppxBundle" -DependencyPath ".\Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00_14.0.32530.0_x64__8wekyb3d

    Issues with WinPE.

    By triston1434,
    Hello All, I've been running into what seems to be a common issue where when a device (Dell Laptop specifically) loads into WinPE (After downloading the correct boot.wim w/pxe) it only displays the background and the 'Windows is Starting Up" default message before immediately restarting. This problem is intermittent, only appearing on some devices rather then others. All tested devices have network and storage access, as we were able to take logs off of the machines and place them on o

    How to resend failed packages to secondary site?

    By slarti,
    Hi!   I have a lot of failed packages on new secondary site. Regular script for DP not working as expected - maybe some one know how to resend failed by script instead of manually one by one. Thanks! SCCM 2103.

    Install Custom SCCM Client

    By coolsport00,
    I'm hoping this is an easy question for those who've used SCCM/MECM for a while, but doing Internet searches is proving not to be successful. All I'm looking to do is deploy a "custom" SCCM Client I created specifically for my server farm. Sure, I can simply rt-click the new Client Settings object I created and select to Deploy and choose a Collection. That's easy enough. But, I want to further customize this Client deployment. I think I need to create either a package or application so I can ad

    Device Collection Query - Windows Server 2019/2022

    By coolsport00,
    Hello! I've searched around the interwebz and can't seem to get a WQL Device Collection query to work for 2016-2022. My limiting collection is All Systems. I was able to do a query for 'All Servers' I used from this site: https://www.andersrodland.com/ultimate-sccm-querie-collection-list/ , and I got all my Windows Servers fine. But, when I attempt the poster's Win2016 query, and even change the build number for both 2019(10.0.17763) and 2022 (10.0.20348), nothing returns. I even playe

    CreateMedia.exe finished with error code 80041013

    Ati Kah
    By Ati Kah,
    I've create task sequence media with attached Boot Image, package, OS.  Please help if anyone has same experience

    Add machine to OU with TS variable

    By Atomic12,
    Hi, in my task sequence I have to enter my user which is the administrator of the machine (not best practice i know but moving on) as well as the Computer Name. This works perfectly and have now added "OSDDomainOUName" in order to directly join the computer to a certain domain. This also works but the problem is typing the long DISTINGUISHED NAME. I would like to just either select it from a drop down menu or just enter the company branch name (city name). How can I accomplis

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