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    Windows 11 22H2 as DP server

    By Ramrk,
    Hi All In my organization we are coming up with a staging site where all the end user computers will be built using task sequence via PXE boot. Roughly, on daily basis we may have have around 200 machines imaged at the site. Due to some management level challenges, I have been asked to rely on DP server/s running on a client OS (Windows 11 22H2). The only flexibility i have is that i can have more than one DP server at the site. Seek your advice on the below: How many conc

    How to hide the IPU task sequence for Win 11 22H2

    By Ramrk,
    Dear all I have inplace upgrade task sequence created and it is working fine. Following two options are already enabled for it: Pre-download content for this task sequence Download all content locally before starting task sequence Considering the size of the content, i looking for an option to hide the task sequence in software center and show it only after its related content is downloaded to the client machine. Under in MECM console there no such way to achieve

    SCCM pxe boot error: Error code:0xc0000098 with no client cert, Thumbprint expired

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts, In our Prod SCCM server, we are running into this issue where when we pxe boot from the client machines (new ones), F12 boot fine, but then it didn't load the .wim file, instead it showed the blue screen "Recovery  Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The Windows Boot Configuralion Data (BCD) file from the PXE server does not contain a valid operating system enlry. Ensure thatthe server has boot images installed for this architecture File:\Tmp\x86x64{E9C9C3CD-A5ED

    software update point error on SCCM console

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts, I'm writing to seek assistance in fixing an issue with software update point error on SCCM console - where it shows "Failures were reported on WSUS Server "sccm.edu.cn" for WSUS components "WSUSService,". Solution: Verify that the failed WSUS components are installed and running." I checked the wsusctrl.log and got the following: "Attempting connection to local WSUS server SMS_WSUS_CONTROL_MANAGER 11/02/2024 0:25:45 7564 (0x1D8C) Successfully connected to local WSUS ser

    PXE cannot boot

    By zhangyongcheng,
    Dear all                 In our formal environment, DHCP is configured on network devices. The server and client are on different networks. An issue that cannot be found when the client requests PXE.How can I solve this problem Looking forward to your reply  

    How to Stop Reboots after updating or patching

    By clush,
    Hello, We are currently running MECM 2309 and I have a couple of co-workers in my IT department that would like to manually reboot their system after the end time we have set to reboot systems after the required time which is currently set to 48 hours.   They are running certain processes on their PC's that have sometimes in the past halted their processes due to a reboot. Is there a way to single out 1 or 2 machines not get the required reboot after updates have been applied?  

    How to expand SCCM drive (volume) spaces without impacting prod?

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    Dear Experts,   I've been googling around trying to expand one of our SCCM drives where all content library resides. This has caused issues with our DP and reporting service point and failed for CB update prerequisite check.   I was advised to expand the drive by changing it from BASIC to DYNAMIC but I'm not sure what is the side effect and any risks of destroying our prod server. I'm also looking for third-party tools like EaseUS but seems they are also offering to change the disk to

    Boot Media Cert Expiration

    By SCCMNoob85,
    Hi everyone, Our boot media cert is set to expire soon. Not sure how to go about renewing it or creating a new one. Am I able to just switch to a self signed cert?

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