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    powershell show Software Center notification with snooze

    By lalajee,
    I'm doing a feature update from 1809 to 1909 but it's breaking the search bar so the fix is to apply a patch which I'm doing during a postoob My cmd file installs the patch and then runs a PowerShell script which checks for the reboot is required and also logs other information into a log file.   Is it possible to tell the SCCM client a reboot is required so SCCM client can handle the restart as in show message to user that reboot is required same as any other update?  

    change service startup type

    By Maxwell2k19,
    Hi All i have windows servers and i have the below service on those servers whose startup type is automatic, how can i change the startup type to Automatic Delayed Start using configuration manager or is it possible to do with any PowerShell script. Please guide me on this Path to Executable: "C:\Program Files\Software\Folder1\app.exe" service

    Deploy an OS over CMG using bootable media

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft released update 2010 on December 1st and one of the many new features was the ability to deploy an OS over CMG using bootable media. I tested out this ability when it first arrived in aTechnical Preview release back in Technical Preview version 2009, you can read about that here to see how it worked then, there are some changes to the overall process since then. This blog post assumes you've already setup a CMG as documented here. So let's try out the feature.

    SCCM client installation problem

    By adelgehier,
    Hello sorry for my english i'm french .   I have been trying for several days to install an SCCM push client, but remotely through a FortiGate. So the problem is that the clients seem to have settled into the machine: Capture task manager Capture of SCCM files present: Capture of the ccmsetup.log LOG File: And then I put the Configuration Manager capture where I don't see the PC as clients: Do you have any ideas how to solve the proble

    [help] Endpoint Manager 2006 : big Standalone Media creation : problem, Error and question]

    By maxbarmet,
    Hi everyone, I come back to you because at work i'm facing a great problem while creating a SCCM Standalon Media (Endpoint Manager 2006) Context : We have a test environment with a master Windows 10 x64 enterprise version 1903 release (install.wim > 10Gb) + severals software packages + various desktop and laptop models which force us to inject all needed drivers in boot.wim (WinPE) Finaly i should obtain a media with the size more than 100 Gb Important thing : most of computer can b

    Module C:\Windows\CCM\StatusAgentProxy.dll failed to register

    By MattS,
    Just a heads up if someone is installing the SCCM client and receiving the "Module C:\Windows\CCM\StatusAgentProxy.dll failed to register" error in the ccmsetup log. After spending several days chasing it I am confident it was a driver issue. Testing a deployment that I removed all drivers from cleared the error. Device was a HP 440 x360 G1

    How can I use Smoothwall as a router for my hyperV labs

    By anyweb,
    Introduction This blog post is long over due and I've been asked to do it many times, today, I finally got around to writing it. Sorry for the delay. Using Hyper-v labs to test all the new Endpoint Manager releases that Microsoft produces means you probably want to have multiple labs on the go at any time, one for Current Branch, one for Technical Preview, and another for testing out PKI or some other functionality. Having internet access in those labs is also usually a requirement, an

    Unable to push client from any site

    Muhammad Abdullah
    By Muhammad Abdullah,
    Hello,  I have  a CAS and 4 primary sites under,  Site1,Site2,Site3,Site4  when i implemented site 1 i was able to push agent to the clients through the CM consle without any issue and still do ,  then i implemented the other 3 primary site, - each site is a MP and DP configured. - AD Schema is extended - Client push account is configured  - the 3 sites has permissions on  Management system container  -the 3 sites has permission on the site 1  and the

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