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    Multiple Agent sites listed

    By RichardP,
    Hi, Going through a long overdue rebuild of SCCM and using 1910 all patched up. I am having an issue with the agents not displaying correclty in the console as far as their site codes are concerned. When going in to the agents in Control Panel, they are finding the site correctly. When I look at them in the console, they are listed under the primary site code. If I look at the discovery data and then agent site I see several sites listed. The only agent that should be li

    Query for different versions of Office 365

    By Sn0m4n,
    Office 365 Client management reports that we have several different versions of Office 365 in our environment I am trying to create collections for each version of Office 365 client.  So we can identify them by computer name and location.  However I have been to create good query to get information. All I can find online is the how to create collections based on the x86 and x64 bit. Below is my query can anyone help me create separate collections for each versions of Office 365 select

    Has anyone tried putting your SCCM main site on a cluster?

    By Syntax,
    Has anyone tried putting your SCCM main site on a cluster? So we migrated our SCCM on Azure HCI server but we did not include it yet on the cluster because we never know what will happen.

    ADK Upgrade Stoped TS

    By visualcoat,
    I just recently updated my windows ADK to support a roll out of windows 10. The workstation boots up via PXE then gets to the splash screen and just reboot.   If I push F8 – I am able to ping sccm servers and I can see local disk volumes   I am running SCCM 1910 with Hotfix  KB4537079 Windows PE 10.0.18362.1 Windows ADK 10.0.18362.1   X:\Smsts\smsts.log <![LOG[LOGGING: Finalize process ID set to 904]LOG]!><time

    Missing DP after migration

    By MarkM5941,
    I performed a migration to a new Site (new server in a different location) and one of the DPs from the old site is listed in the v_SystemResourceList and v_DistributionPoints views as a DP but does not appear in the console in either the list of DPs or Site Systems.  Additionally, when I try to add it as a new Site System using the SCCM console, I get an error saying the site system already exists.  How can I get this added to the site?  I have a deployment next week targeted at the location whe

    sccm distribution package software dingding installed successfully, software center status display failed

    By radish,
    I know that it is possible to distribute and repackage software by application (after all, repackaging software is also a laborious task. Not all system administrators know how to operate repackaging software, especially some complex installation packages) Solve the successful installation of this software and customize the detection of successful installation conditions. What I want to know is when distributing software through packages, is there any way to solve it, or is there any way to se

    TS Domain Join

    By Joe13,

    WU4B vs WU

    By Kevin79,
    I am wonder, what benefits does Windows Update 4 Business provide of Windows Update? As far as I can tell it doesn't provide any and you loose the granularity of denying a patch if you need to. Also, how many people use WU4B as opposed to regular Window Update in Configuration Manager?

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