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    SCCM 1902 Folders

    By delan,
    Hi I have troubles with PXE-boot. My SCCM is version 1902. My DP is setup to answer PXE (without WDS) In my folder' structure I see that SMS_DP$, SMSPKG and SMSPKGC$ are empty In the folder SMSPKGSIG a lot of .tar files and a lot of folders (ID's with versionnumbers) In folder SMSSIG$ only .tar files Is this right?? Or where are the bootstartup files should be located?   Thx   Best Regards Delan


    By delan,
    Hi My SCCM = 1902 (in VM - Hyper-V) = My pfsense is not VM = gateway (with ip helper (to DHCP) and Helper to = SCCM) Client (VM-Hyper-V with Legacy NIC) In DP bootimage x86 (0070002F) and x64 (00700030), operating system (00700012) , client package (00700002) The task sequence (00700032) = deploy on unknown computers I've tried many thing as renew the boot images, client i a known collection... What happens..

    Task Sequence, issue update drivers after updating the windows build

    By lololo,
    Hello, I have to use a vbs script to update windows drivers (it's an old script with lots of reminiscences that I'm migrating to sccm later). So I use a task sequence to do the job. When I migrate windows 7 to windows 10, the vbs works perfectly because it is in this mode: https://ibb.co/1LtMyCC When I make a windows 10 build update, the driver update starts in another phase (while it is in the same place in the task sequence): https://ibb.co/Pxv59qC in this ph

    Workgroup Task Sequence in a PKI environment

    By Westy182,
    Hi all, I hope someone can help me, even if it's just to say this isn't possible.... We currently have an SCCM 1806 environment with HTTPS/PKI enabled.  All domain joined machines receive their personal PKI cert to allow SCCM client communication via GPO and this works fine.  We have a need to build servers that are in a DMZ workgroup and at present these are built using a standard OSD task sequence which joins them to the domain.  The server then has to be manually removed from the do

    Updates Missing, Not Downloaded into CCMCACHE but also No Errors?

    By Gar,
    Hi All, Need some guidance on this one as it has me puzzled and I must be overlooking something. Started a new role and in the environment we have a fair number of servers across the board that are not downloading software updates and are in the dreaded Client check passed/Active UNKNOWN state in the Deployment status. The CCMCACHE remains empty bar the ccmsetup.exe, however, all relevant logs do not contain any errors whatsoever. I have completely uninstalled the CCM client clean

    wireless client woes

    By xerxes2985,
    Good morning, I am experiencing an issue with my wireless clients. I'm able to get some information. However, I am unable to get any software deployed to them. For example:  - I get the green check, I am getting policy requests, heartbeat DDR, hardware scan, etc.  I have the following applications deployed to a collection, I've kicked off "Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle" on the client, and wait. After a bit, I check the ccmcache folder, and all I see is this:  "

    Missing certificates

    By rob343,
    Hi,  I am sure what's happened but under security and certificates, I don't seem to have a site server cert or sms cert.  Is there a what I can recreate them easily,  no idea where of how they have gone.  Boot certs and dp certs are there,  If somebody can point me at a how too guide that would really get me out of a jam.  Rob 

    Remote server error

    By rob343,
    Hi,  I am see loads of errors in my status monitor. -------- Could not open a change notification handle for directory "\\servername\SMS_PR1\inboxes\sitectrl.box" because the directory is on a remote computer.,  ----------- I don't understand the remote server,  there are no remote servers. Any logs I can look at to see what it's attempting to refrance.  Just to add we did a restore recently.  Please help pulling my hair out. Rob 

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