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    Naming during OSD (non MDT) <Entry><Serial>

    By joeman1881,
    Good Morning, I've been trying to find a solution for this one for a while now.  In our environment, we typically use the OSDComputerName TS variable to manually name devices.  We have about 15 sites and will be rolling out a large count of devices shortly which will be imaged in a centralized location then spread amongst these sites.  My thought is to name each device with <site code><serial>.  I've been able to name the device with a simple PS to make the name "DL-<Serial&g

    Issues with Windows 10 Servicing - Updates not showing as required for all computers

    By Mr.Anderson,
    Hey All -  I'm having an issue in my enviornment.  We have about 1100 clients that are currently on 1909, all done with the same image.  We have been doing regular monthly patching with an ADR set up, but we haven't had to do Feature upgrades yet.   Older versions of Win 10 (1903 etc) we have been doing with an upgrade task sequence, but given this a big patch month and so many of our clients are now out of compliance I want to roll 20H2 into the monthly patching and not by TS. I check

    Software Update Groups

    By NunovUrbizniz,
    I am fairly new to the SCCM game, so excuse me if this question is overly simplistic   I have inherited the responsibility of looking after the SCCM environment.  I have noticed that there are over 3500 software update groups   Do to me inexperience, I do not know what are the ramifications of such a high number of software update groups what is a manageable number of software update groups how to trim these software groups down Any help or advise wil

    ADR for Adobe Reader DC / DC Continuous Track

    By sajeret,
    Hello, I tried to set an ADR rule for Adobe Reader DC. The rule has the following settings. If I run the rule, the following will appear in the ruleengine.log.     Create Deployment Rule Action XML is: <DeploymentCreationActionXML xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"><DeploymentId>{e509394c-0e39-429a-b38e-f06b7b9d900f}</DeploymentId><DeploymentNumber>0</DeploymentNumber><CollectionId>

    Missed 1809 Deadline, any way to still use feature updates for newer Feature Updates

    By bosco,
    Our desktop team didn't get off of 1809 before EOL. Now in SCCM, any newer feature update says "Affected products Windows 10 1903 or newer" So the FUs don't show required for any 1809 systems. Any way to easily fix that, or are they going to have to do task sequences? I think they said task sequences worked, but the look to the user was clunky.

    [solved] Do I uninstall ADK before upgrading to the newest ADK?

    By josecastillo2021,
    Hello,   Thank you in advance. I keep looking to find a article  about what to do with ADK before upgrading to sccm 2103?   1-Do I install on top of the current ADK or   2-Do I remove the previous ADK and PXE tools then install to the newest ADK and new PXE?   Regards,   Jose

    Client Health Status sccm 2103

    By Cliff,
    Hi Recently taken over a fair sized SCCM install 500 computers, 20-30 servers, etc been getting my head around sccm over the last few months.  Now the client health status page is showing a lot of red I did read a post about deleting tables in SQL to fix it, I could view the table but cleaning it up told me it not a table, so a bit stuck on this one, there is more red on a Monday as I guess most devices have been off all weekend, any suggestions etc on how to get these numbers up,

    SCCM Current Branch 1910 Upgrade Prereq check fails with sysadmin rights issue

    By Anmol06,
    SCCM Infrastructure: SCCM CB v1910 Standalone Primary Site   Issue : Prerequisite Check for SCCM Upgrade from 1910 to 2010 fails with this error in Prereqcheck.log   ERROR: Failed to retrieve next row. $$<Configuration Manager Prereq><05-21-2021 11:00:09.190+420><thread=2760 (0xAC8)> <FQDN OF PRIMARY SITE SERVER>; SQL Server sysadmin rights; Error; Either the user account runnin

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