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    CM 1910 prerequisites check failing for clustered SQL Server

    By hybrid,
    A little background. We have: a single site server (Windows Server 2016 1607) running the various CM roles (CM 1906, site version 5.0.8853.1000) a two-node Windows Server 2019 cluster hosting SQL Server 2016 for the site database server The database cluster has a shared hostname and IP address for the Windows cluster computer object itself (DB-Cluster.our-domain) and another shared hostname and IP address for the SQL Server role (DB-Cluster-SQL.our-domain). We've not had

    SCCM Content Library Package Issue in Side by Side Migration

    By Sarav,
    I will give background about the scenario, we are in the process of Side-by-Side Migration from SCCM 2012 R2 to SCCM 1906 CB.  As per the guideline, I have configured the products classification in the new site identical like the old site and synchronized. Now I am at the phase of the migrating Applications, Collections, ADR, Software Update Package and its deployment.  For E.g.: I am trying to migrate Office 2010 Software Update Package and its deployment and it’s all associ

    Remove/Un-publish 3rd party software updates / ADR

    By xerxes2985,
    Hello all, I've successfully gotten 3rd party software updates working with ADR's, however, I was wondering if there way to remove Adobe Acrobat / Reader 3rd party updates that I no longer need published? If there is a way great, if not is there a way to not have to continually adjust my ADR as new versions of software come out? Example: My ADR for Flash and Acrobat, I'm using title filters to only include the latest version.  

    Mbam Website Installer Error

    By ukg_matt,
    Hi Nial I've been following your MBAM in SCCM guide from here and we're already converted from HTTP to HTTPS. I needed to encrypt the recovery data so i followed this Microsoft guide.  Now I'm attempting to install the MBAM websites with the mbamwebsiteinstaller.ps1 script, and I'm given the following errors.... Unable to find ConfigMgr SQL Server Identification Certificate     + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException     + FullyQualifiedE

    Application Group

    By sysadmin101,
    Hello! I have an application group to deploy 2 applications - MS Office 2019 MS Office 2019 Language Pack (non-English) Language Pack deployment has requirement that Get-WinSystemLocale is not en-US. I deployed the application group to a laptop that has ja-JP system locale. MS Office installed successfully, but it didn't even try to install the language pack (despite the condition being fulfilled).   However, if I deploy the Language Pack applicati

    Auto Deployment Rule download failing

    By kesh,
    My Auto Deployment Rule keeps failing with error code 0X87D20417.   RULEENGINE.LOG STATMSG: ID=8706 SEV=E LEV=M SOURCE="SMS Server" COMP="SMS_RULE_ENGINE" SYS=MDBXDXVMSC4PR.MDD.NET SITE=MDD PID=2260 TID=10292 GMTDATE=Wed Jan 01 22:22:35.253 2020 ISTR0="SMS Rule Engine" ISTR1="Failed to download one or more content files" ISTR2="" ISTR3="" ISTR4="" ISTR5="" ISTR6="" ISTR7="" ISTR8="" ISTR9="" NUMATTRS=0 SMS_RULE_ENGINE 2020/01/02 12:22:35 AM 10292 (0x2834) Creating Software Update G

    1910 - Bitlocker manage Report Error

    By Jonnwhite,
    Hey,  I've been following your guides for a while now and really appreciate your knowledge! I have a question, I've got SQL reportigng services working okay I can run reports except for any of the Bitlocker ones. I ge the below error message? MBAM seems to be working well, pops up on machines and also store recovery key in database however trying to work on a report that would all me to input a Pc number and it would return the recovery key number. However for that I need to get t

    How can you share your hyper-v lab network with physical devices ?

    By anyweb,
    Introduction I occasionally want to connect real physical computers directly within one of my hyper-v based virtual labs  to test various functionality within that lab which may require real hardware. A good example of that is testing MBAM Bitlocker management via Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 1910. This post will show you one way of connecting physical hardware to your internal hyper-v lab easily. Note: There are other ways of doing this, but this is really easy and

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