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    Sccm pxe boot failed

    By Rafiq,
    Hi I am having pxe boot failed on dell poweredger r710 on vm6.7 machine. I need some help where I am missing out.

    Sitestatus Componentserver critical status

    By mogli73,
    good day! My Systemcenter is in german - so I don't know if this is the exact wording for it. I have a critical status indication on one of my componentservers. When I try to show the errors I can't see anything (No errors are displayed). Do you have any ideas? best regards  

    MECM and Windows 11

    By jkjk12,
    Hi, I have an early release of Windows 11.   I am trying to do an OSD with MECM.   It fails on the format drive step every time.  the SMSTS.LOG file always says it can't find the disk.  I have tried Disk 0, Disk 1, I have tried MBR, GPT etc...  Yes, I have installed the ADK for Windows 11, both parts.   Yes my target system can run Windows 11.    Is there something special you need to put in the Format step to make it work with Windows 11?  

    sccm :critical problem with the multicast service point

    By hanen,
    I have a critical problem with the multicast service point on the site and I have no solution

    CMG boundaries and Fallback

    By Tommy75,
    Hi all,  I have an application upgrade task sequence which upgrades office and its various plugins, which consists of numerous reboots. The TS downloads all content locally before running due to the numerous reboots and users being on VPN. The VPN is a manual user connection using Cisco AnyConnect, plus we ask the user not to touch the device whilst the upgrade completes. Initially pushing the update down proved problematic as any missing content could not be downloaded once the device had

    Removing all users from \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Users\All Users and User Groups

    By xerxes2985,
    Hi all, What's a quicker way to remove all the discovered users/groups (I accidentally discovered 80,000 users and groups)? Is there a powershell command so that I don't have to delete 1000 users at a time?   Thanks  

    Enable Third party updates is not creating a certificate

    By Kingskawn,
    I configured the 'third party updates' option but it seems there's no certificate that gets created. I already unchecked the option and resync the windows updates and after this re-enabled the option but it keeps empty. Anyone?

    How can we delete orphaned Images from Library from Disk Space

    By gokhan76,
    Hi Guys, When we delete Operating System Images from the SCCM console obviously it does not clear it from the Disk.. I used the tool that mentioned Content Library Cleanup tool but returned 0 disk spaced freed... Can someone tell me how can I clear the disk space from orphaned objects that have been deleted from console both on primary and secondary sites... Regards, Gokhan

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