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  1. Hi, I just sent ist again to niall@windowsnoob.com please check it again. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi. Have you had the chance to look at my eMail or at my tasksequence? Thanks in advance
  3. Can you Share such a complex tasksequence with me ? So I can learn a little bit more. PS: Have you had the chance to keep an eye on my tasksequence ? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I capture the Image first because I want to add some registry keys, the Visual C++ runtimes and a set of windows updates to my rollout-image to shorten the final OS Deployment. How would you do the capture or would you do everything in the OS Deployment ? And how do you Update your Image ? Can you share a tasksequence with me to See, how you do it ? But nevertheless my tasksequence should work also. Maybe your way is the more comfortable way. If I can get a Good help from you I am thinking of changing my tasksequences. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, have you had the chance to test it in your lab ? Would be great. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I tested to capture an Windows 10 1903 with my tasksequences. Here I don't get the error. So, the problem should be related to W10 20H2. I used the december image of W10 20H2 (here I extracted the Enterprise Image). Any ideas, what I can do to get it working with W10 20H2 ? Do I have to change something ? Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, attached are the logs. When I check the ccmsetup.log I says, that the name of the certificate does not contain the name of the capturing system. Have you got the chance to check my last post ? Have you got an idea, where my mistake is for the certificate ? If you have a manual for me I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Logfiles.zip
  8. Yes, I disabled the Softwareupdate Step in Front of the application Install. The Result is the Same like before (it fails) I will Upload the Logs later.
  9. I think my Problem has somerhing to do with my SCCM Client Install because in the ccmsetup I can‘t See the Parameters I specified like SMSMP, e.g. Any idea how to fix that? I want to Capture a W10 20H2. MDT is 8456. Do I Need to Install a fix of something like That ?
  10. Hi, I tested it but I got the same error like before. Any other ideas whats wrong or what I can do? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I attached an export of the whole TS. I think, that this is the easiest way for helping me. The first Install Softwareupdate step is happening before the install application step. Hope, you will find my error. Thanks in advance. Test_TS_Capture.zip
  12. Hi, as written above, I tested it again with the disabled step of the restart before the convert applications. I got the same error like before. That means, the tasksequence is failing. Attached you can find all the logs. Any other ideas, what I am doing wrong ? Maybe something with the Workgroup Certificate ? How can I test, if this is working correctly ? From my point of view, it should be ok, because the softwareupdate step in the tasksequence is working fine (WSUS is in https mode), but I would like to check, whether it is working like expected. due to the fact that o
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