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  1. Hi, that means I can install the Distribution Point in the Primary forest and only define in the Boundary Group that the Clients from the untrusted Remote forest use the DP from the Primary forest, Right ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, thanks for your answer. Yesterday I got the information, that we have to use the untrusted method. Do I need more than a DP role in the remote forest (we want a special DP for those clients - or can we put that DP in the local forest - of I understood the informations from Microsoft correctly, than it is not possible, right?) ? Do you have a good guide or hands on to fullfill the requirements ? Something like your guide for the PKI implementation. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi. Thanks for the Link. I just need to know in addition if I have a trust between the 2 forests where I had to place a Distribution Point for the clients from the second forest. Must it be in the second forest or can it be also in the Primary forest ? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Everybody. I need to know how to add a second forest to my MEMCM environment. What type of AD Trust is required? What I have to do within a trusted and also in an untrusted forest ? Has anybody a guide for me how to do it? Do I Need to extend the AD scheme in the second forest? What Firewall Ports do I have to Open ? What I have to do in addition in MEMCM or somewhere else? Thanks in advance Regards Flo
  5. Now it looks like the system downloads the updates. But after a few seconds the installation of the updates fails with error 2147500037. Any ideas ?
  6. Hi Everybody, I have a big problem relating to the Install Software Updates step in my OS Deployment tasksequence. The clients detects, that it needs several updates, but it is not downloading them. It stucks at 0%. After the OSD finishes, the client can download all missing updates. Any ideas why it is not working during the OS Deployment tasksequence. First I thought it was an firewall issue, but the client can reach port 8530 (SUP). Thanks in advance. Kind regards Flo
  7. Hi Everybody, I have a problem with the folder C:\SMSTSLog. This folder is left behind on a successful deployed client system. During the tasksequence I can't find any errors. Any ideas what I am doing wrong ? The MEMCM is 2103 (with installed Hotfix KB10036164) and I am deploying Windows 10 20H2. Thanks in advance. Kind regards Florian smsts from SMSTSLOGFolder.log
  8. Hi, I just sent ist again to niall@windowsnoob.com please check it again. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi. Have you had the chance to look at my eMail or at my tasksequence? Thanks in advance
  10. Can you Share such a complex tasksequence with me ? So I can learn a little bit more. PS: Have you had the chance to keep an eye on my tasksequence ? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I capture the Image first because I want to add some registry keys, the Visual C++ runtimes and a set of windows updates to my rollout-image to shorten the final OS Deployment. How would you do the capture or would you do everything in the OS Deployment ? And how do you Update your Image ? Can you share a tasksequence with me to See, how you do it ? But nevertheless my tasksequence should work also. Maybe your way is the more comfortable way. If I can get a Good help from you I am thinking of changing my tasksequences. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, have you had the chance to test it in your lab ? Would be great. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, I tested to capture an Windows 10 1903 with my tasksequences. Here I don't get the error. So, the problem should be related to W10 20H2. I used the december image of W10 20H2 (here I extracted the Enterprise Image). Any ideas, what I can do to get it working with W10 20H2 ? Do I have to change something ? Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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