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Looking for advice/recommendations regarding BIOS update ( and settings) and driver servcing for a HP only-shop.

I´m aware that there are a number of options available for updating drivers and am trying to find the best
solution to fit our needs. We have the luxury of only having one model to service (HP Elitebook 840 G9) thanks
to a recent hardware swap which was done in conjunction with rolling out W11 to all our users.

We are running CM 2303 and using HP driver packs for TS/OSD bare metal deploys. What we would like to achieve is the following:

Update BIOS if/when needed.
Check compliance of BIOS settings (password, boot order, secure boot etc.)
Create a baseline of updated preapproved drivers to deploy

HP have their options with MIK/Image Assistant/CMSL which I don't have any experience of but seem interesting. I am, however,
a little bit hesitant when I read some comments from experienced config manager admins that have had difficulties 
when evaluating these options in the past (to be fair, a few years ago, things may have improved since).

We have used third-party catalogs in CM in the past when we had a mix of Lenovo and HP and my experience was not very good (I won't go
into the details but it was mostly Lenovo-related).

Considering that we only have one model to keep updated, what do you think based on your experience would be a reasonable solution (time
and effort) to look at?

I like to keep things simple with as little interaction as possible for the user. Any real world advice would be appreciated, regardless if it´s a
vendor specific, community tool or commercial product.

Thanks in advance!


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