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  1. Are upgrading your site? What's the reason behind setting up 2 different SCCM environments?
  2. So I got the account added. You run the powershell command on the secondary site. it just needs to be added in accounts first. So the next question is, how do I remove the old account?
  3. So, I have to change the account currently being used in SCCM for client installation. I have created the new account. I can add the account using the gui under Administration > Sites > Right click Sites > Choose Client Push Install Settings > Accounts. But I cannot do it through Powershell. If I run the following command: Set-CMClientPushInstallation -SiteCode 000 -ChosenAccount "domain\account" I get the error "The networkaccessaccount: domain\account does not exist. input an existing one. Any suggestions? The account I'm using has full access to ad.
  4. We are having silly issues with 1702 also. At random, the item keys for the unknowncomputerobjects for x86 and x64 get corrupt and I have to recreate them in sccm. MS says that is a bug and they are working on a fix.
  5. Upgraded to SCCM version 1702. Imaging was working fine till late yesterday. Problem: No matter the hardware, I get task sequence not found. Checked the SMSTS logs on the imaged pc and it said exactly that: Task Sequence not found. These are new computers. Never in SCCM. PXE connects. Boots to the pxe environment. New computers simply boot to pxe. and since its an unknown computer it lists all the task sequences available. but now it says no TS found. I've checked the smspxe log. no issues checked the local smsts logs on the client and it says no task sequenc
  6. So Here's a question. I'm having a tough time finding the exact answer too. If you have SA (Software Assurance) and you CANCEL your SA. I believe that 2 things happen: 1: The build that was current when SA expired is the build you are stuck with. 2: After the ring you are using : CB (4 months) ,CBB (12 Months) , or LTSB (36 Months) expires then you no longer receive Quality and Security patches. Is there someone who can confirm that for me?
  7. That's similar to what I did except I had to do it on 300 computers and join them to a new domain.
  8. Are you using this as an application deployed through sccm? What are you using for dependencies? I've done this before but it's all been scripted.
  9. Search by GUID also. In rare cases of a computer was a member of a collection and the computer was deleted, I've seen that ALSO keep a PC from booting to PXE but not blue screen. Is this a remote DP by chance? Try redistributing the boot image. Otherwise I'd verify the driver is in the boot image as any web stated.
  10. I'm surprised that it doesn't pass through a MAC address of the Surface like Lenovo does. Post the SMSPXE log. That will help.
  11. I feel like Anyweb (Niall) should have some sort of brain dump where by I can absorb all his SCCM info All good stuff.
  12. Either you don't have access to the console to do that, or you have an issue with permissions where the .wim is located. If that isn't it, what version of SCCM are you using? What version of the WADK are you using? What is the OS in the .wim?
  13. Ah that's a good idea. I ended up using a Task Sequence to uninstall Office 2010 and install Office 2013 this time. The dependencies are a gigantic pain in the arse sometimes and really difficult to troubleshoot.
  14. So I have about 100 pc's with a 64 bit version of Office. I need to blow away the existing version and install 32 bit Office. I built the uninstall scripts and tested it. Those work fine. My question pertains to updating the existing deployment. I need to make the uninstaller the first step in the program then install new Office. I think I can just add the program, make it dependent on a specific folder/file to run. Has anyone had issues with modifying existing deployments that are attached to a bunch of other collections? My concern is it is going to run on all pc's if I update t
  15. There's no issue having two separate SCCM instances in the same AD Domain/Forest as long as boundaries are properly set. As long as those don't overlap, you should be good to go.
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