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  1. There's an error in the log. Failed to copy the needed boot binaries from the boot image .....0035b.wim - have a google on that Also later on you have MAC ADDRESS D8:9E:F3:34:C1:18 Device is not in the database
  2. I have done a couple of these. We made sure automatic site assignment was not enabled and that site wide client push was not enabled. We then managed the subnets from both servers and did a client push from the CB server to effectively migrate them to the new environment.
  3. The "Install an existing image package" task sequence option pretty much does that in that order. I would manage the subnets with SCCM then push the SCCM client to the W7 machines. Once they have inventoried the computer name will be in SCCM then you can deploy the task sequence to them. Obviously import the drivers for the hardware and test first! Don't see why you would get upgrade licence problems on a wipe n load.
  4. You could look at using the pre-caching feature to get the content there ahead of time. Note that if they are on WiFi the upgrade might not work. Mine wouldn't authenticate after the first reboot so did not continue the TS.
  5. Is PXE broken for everything or just this model? Can you isolate it to a legacy / UEFI boot problem. I don't use the DHCP scope options at all - just let SCCM respond on any subnet it manages. So in the properties of the DP Role, PXE tab i have the first three options enabled.
  6. I have the 830 G6. It doesn't do the audio drivers automatically in the task sequence from the imported INF drivers. You need to run the setup program. I added an application to the task sequence to install it. "setup.exe -s" worked.
  7. Network problems. Error 8007274d is connection could not be made ... Error 80072ee7 is server name or address could not be resolved So it doesn't join the domain, and everything else fails. Have you got an IP address on the NIC not WiFI?
  8. So you get some content some times? If it was something like boundaries you wouldn't anything. Dodgy NIC driver on your physical machines then? Import latest NIC driver into WInPE.
  9. Failing hash check is a corruption so dodgy network or corrupt content. You could try deleting the package and redistribute it again.
  10. 80070002 is file not found. Getting content hash value for reference package P010001E Is that package distributed to the DP?
  11. Never seen one with no tabs! Maybe re-import the boot image. Should be in \\servername\SMS_site\OSD\boot\x64 Could be Windows ADK not installed properly or wrong version - I would look at that too.
  12. First have you got command support enabled on the boot image (F8). If not do that next. If yes hit F8 as it's preparing network. Do an IP config. Does it show a network driver and IP?
  13. I don't specify the product key at all at that stage. Leave it blank is my suggestion!
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