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  1. Hi all, To do some reporting around app deployment for our classrooms, I'm WMI-querying class SMS_AppDeploymentAssetDetails. Unfortunately, it returns multiple records per device. Does anyone know how get back only the most recent record of a device? Thank you in advance! Regars, Sven
  2. Hi! What version of SCCM are you using? SCCM CB 1802, only the latest kb isn't applied yet Which WADK do you have installed? 10.1.17314.1 Does it boot no problem into a VM using pxe? No, no PXE in place yet How about a system that has Win10 installed? Works fine with exact same TS and boot image Is it only failing on systems that are older and have Win7? Yes If yes, then there may be a driver problem in the boot image (winpe) for that system/build. Possible, yes. But the strange thing is that it works fine with a 'vanilla' build of W7. Our current suspect is our AV protection (McAfee). Turning it off doesn't make the difference, so currently trying to build a system with the regular build process minus AV.
  3. Hi! Hi! When try to boot from Windows 7 to WinPE, I run into an error: Failed to open Z:\boot\Resources\bootres.dll for backup. Permissions on the requested may be configured incorrectly." The full smstslog.log is attached. Do you have any clue? Thnx in advance! Sven smsts.log
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