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  1. Can some please guide how to resolve this error while installation of DP? ERROR DPConnection::ConnectRemoteIISManagementWMI() - Failed to connect to sccm.test.local. error = 0x800706ba
  2. Powershell script in task sequence does not run successfully. What is the best way to run PS script during OSD task sequence?
  3. I added Dell drivers which were available in CAB format. How to add drivers for "surface go" as they are available in MSI format. Please guide.
  4. I am not using WDS. I am going with PXE Responder so that I can use Win 10 machine as my DP.
  5. Thank you. I have followed it and done with DP settings from Primary server. I still don't see PXE Responder service on DP. Does it take longer time to get installed ?
  6. On the physical server where my sccm server is hosted and also on the other physical server which is connected to host server through Netgear Switch(hub).
  7. Ethernet adapter settings changed to Auto from 100 mbps. Imaging works superfast now. Thanks.
  8. Redistributed packages and created new TS. It works well with Virtual Machine. Still it fails at same point for physical machines.
  9. I will give it a try tomorrow first thing at work and update here.
  10. Yes it was and also I redistributed and validated package on DP. Also it starts downloading install.wim file and it goes till like 1-5% and then fails. Sometimes it doesn't start download at all.
  11. My imaging process gets stuck at "Applying Operating System". It does not even start download of install.wim. I did ipconfig and network looks good. SMSTS log file says " shellexecute raserver.exe failed 0x80070002" if this is relevant. Please provide input if this is related to storage drivers or any settings on distribution point or something else.
  12. ADK PE add-on was not the updated version. Got it resolved. Thanks
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