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  1. thank you Garth MJ this is my opinion also i will save my time and headache
  2. Dear All we need patch or script to uninstall autodesk products
  3. Dear all our environment look like this 1 CAS server SCCM 2012 R2 2 stand alone primary site's SCCM 2012 R2 1 stand alone primary site SCCM current branch 1610 we need to joining all primary sites to CAS is it possible and how we can do it ? i really appreciate your help and support regards,
  4. please if you could give me tips and best Scenario to totally removing SCCM 2007 from my network and reinstalling it in single site by plan and process important many thanks
  5. Is there is any way to do it by sccm and haw to deploy script to clients by sccm best Regards
  6. HI All Is there is any way to deploy network printer with sccm or can i do it by .vbs and haw to do it by sccm
  7. Dear all i need sccm report for inactive computer AD And sccm report for inactive users in AD
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