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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Anyweb, I need a quick help regarding this upgrade, It seems in console update seems to be stuck at Installing however its not moving further. Attaching log files for your review. I know you have shared some tips on one of the blogs to fix issue like same. Requesting for your support please. CMUpdate.log
  2. Hi, I am trying to capture Windows 7 PC Image(which contains OS+SWs like Adobe,MS Office and all other SW without Hardware Drivers)to push to multiple different Hardware PCs. I read few articles regarding Windows Image Capturing is it best practice to Capture OS+SW without driver installed in VM and then import it to Task Sequence and push to multiple physical Host Machines?? I have little doubts, please help me to clear. 1. Is it the best practice to deploy captured OS With Software importing from Virtual Machine or can capture fresh OS of host physical PC itself as in my case we have multiple brand PC with same software to install for all the PCs but different drivers? 2. I even read in few articles to Disable the option Execute Sysprep in Task Sequence instead to manually execute the SYSPREP option logging into Windows 7 PC and executing the command SYSPREP with following options System Cleanup Action--->Enter System Out of Box Experience OOBE Enabling Generalize Shutdown options-->Restart 3.What will be the problem if instead of running sysprep manually why shouldn't be configured in Task Sequence itself? 4.After running sysprep and launching the \\DeploymentShare$\Scripts\LiteTouch.vbs to capture the image into MDT+WDS Server, should I include this captured ISO image into WDS Server? as i didn't seen in any article to include this capture image into WDS Server.. Request to please help on these doubts to carry further.. Thanks in advance..
  3. aoaz

    mbam question?

    Hi Gang, got couple of q's on mbam setup 1. mbam is already setup and integrated with sccm. if we need to upgrade it to latest version 2.5 sp1 or create a fresh setup, does sccm integration part need to be done or just leave it and old integration will do just fine> 2. this is more like an audit point of view so please corret if i am wrong. normally if mbam is integrated with sccm and a machinnes get disabled/deleted then that machine info disappeared from the sccm side which is fine but lets say few months down the line we have auditors on site and trying to find if XXX machine which get disappeared/stolen was Encrypted or not? since its not in system anymore and most likely sccm wont have the record. what i am thinking is "please correct me if i am wrong" setup standalone mbam and still integrate with sccm. wondering if someone can make it clear to me please.
  4. BenCruze

    MBAM Issue

    Hello, i got my lab setup AD/SCCM/MDT/MBAM/few clients...i am using Niall's book guides in my own setup rather than downloading your sample files and hope it will be fine? please correct me if i need to do anything different to apply it in my own setup. sccm is freshly installed few months back, not really used other than keep updating it to latest whenever get chance. Now to the issue: after buying your book the first thing i am going to learn/install is MBAM and start from chapter 13. the first difference i see this one: i got three additional lines of _initialValue compare to your guides. and 2nd issue where i really stuck and stopped is when integrating mbam with sccm after running the setup and "Add New Features" on sccm server and getting the below error: i will really appreciate if you can advise in steps what i am missing please? its looklike to do with SQL which is my weak point just like powershell. please also advise how many servers should we have ideally for MBAM to setup in Production, after looking at google its 2 MBAM Admin and MBAM Reporting. do we need separate server for Helpdesk Portal or it will go on the same server as MBAM Admin. Thanks a ton in advance. Ben
  5. Hi All, I am facing some strange issue at remote DP. Infra is running at 1702 CB, have a remote DP with a Console installed with Latest 1702 Version. Now while creating a Task Sequence media for stand-alone at Remote DP we get a page to select the Distribution points, this page will be stuck there for 30 Minutes and will through an error, it’s not able to fetch the details for the Distribution points so that I can select the one locally and proceed further with the Media creation If I try same thing at my Primary Site Server all woks great and Media gets generated. Note: When I try to create only Boot media then the Distribution Points are reflection and I can proceed further with the Boot Media Creation but I need a Stand Alone media which is not working at this point of time. I would really appreciate a quick response on this one.
  6. Dear all our environment look like this 1 CAS server SCCM 2012 R2 2 stand alone primary site's SCCM 2012 R2 1 stand alone primary site SCCM current branch 1610 we need to joining all primary sites to CAS is it possible and how we can do it ? i really appreciate your help and support regards,
  7. I was trying to look for a guide which covers all step by step upgrade including prerequisites and things to be noted for precaution before upgrade. My Plan is to Upgrade SCCM 2012 R2 to 1511 then to the current latest version. I only have a Primary Site. What I know is covered below: ADK 10 to be installed (Older version uninstall) WSUS KB Install (Hotfix KB3095113) SQL Data base Backup. Perform Test Database upgrade Disable SQL Replication If you have configures database replication from Management point configurations, you have to disable this before the upgrade •Disable Site maintenance tasks Following site maintenance tasks need to be disabled before running the setup. Because they can be interfere with the upgrade Backup Site Server Delete aged client discovery data Delete aged client operations Prerequisite checker verify follow upgrade instructions post clicking on source setup file Verify build and versions. Deploy the client new version to devices Need your help if you have any article I can follow to minimize any error.
  8. Hi! Am new to SCCM environment am trying to deploy Windows 7 OS via SCCM 2007 OSD terminology. Below is my scenario(lab setup using oracle vbox- Extension pack been installed for PXE boot) Windows server 2008 acting as AD integrated DNS, DHCP, WDS and PXE Service Point all are co-hosted in same server(for lab practice). Also SCCM 2007 R2,SQL Server 2005 R2 & MDT 2010 are installed all in the same Virtual Machine. DHCP is working quite fine, i configured PXE service point, WDS role is installed but without configuring the WDS, services are not getting invoke.so configured WDS Server and configured the DCHP options 60,66,67 In WDS Server enabled(ticked) the options "Do not listen on port 67" & "Configure DHCP option 60 to PXEclient" executed the wds cmd "wdsutil /set-server /usedhcpports:no /dhcpoption60:yes" changed the registry key "HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\wdsserver\providers\wdspxe usedhcpports to (0)" At DHCP Server manually included the server options Server option "066" String Data is updated to "(IP of WDS Server eg:" "067 String Data (\smsboot\x86\wdsnbp.com)" "060 String Data (PXEClient)" Ref to this link https://heineborn.com/tech/setting-option-66-and-67-for-dhcp configured the Operating System Deployment--->Boot images--->Operating System Images--->Operating System Install packages--->Task sequence (Create Task sequence using MDT) Advertised the Task Sequence to All unknown computer. When i try to boot the client PC from PXE boot option, it ends with the following errors Press F12 for network service boot PXE-M0F:Exiting Intel PXE ROM FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted. Please help me out in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi!!! Am completely new to SCCM 2007 environement, am trying to accomplish a task, before writing my query let me outline the system environment. Am using Win server 2008 R2 - OS , SQL server 2005 with SP3 installed, Client PC are both the mixed environment of Windows XP and windows 7. I managed to install SCCM 2007 successfully, installed the client site configuraiton too, i have two queries!!! for all the setup.exe and setup.msi file, command lines are mandatory for software deployment?????as i noticed in a article during Firefox.exe deployment, firefox.exe -ms command line been used. i just wanna determine for every setup.exe file cmd line gets varies???? i want to deploy a exe file being silently without user's interaction to the application....Can u pls advise how could this be done???? And also can the robocopy and xcopy (Data copying) batch file are executed and schedule through SCCM 2007???if so, how??? i performed robocopy through schtasks and through GPO, it is working quite fine.... But the only concern is, the task being performing in background without displaying the cmd prompt window... here the issue is, user will not know, whats going at system background, chances of even shutting down the workstation, so if it displays the cmd prompt windows or the file opeartions, then the user will be aware from doing any kind of obstructing work.. so i want to try if there are they chances of doing data back(robocopy and xcopy) thorugh sccm.... Pls advise on both my queries....
  10. I am facing a problem in the Reporting Service role as it was mentioned in my design to install that role on a Cluster SQL server, I have configured the reporting services configuration Manager on SQL server to use new database with naming “Reportserver” the defaul one and when I am trying to use the same for installing the role by SCCM console, it’s not able to verify and giving me an Error “The specified database is not a configuration manager database” while it can verify the main database for SCCM with naming “CM_XXX”, Although when I am trying to use “CM_XXX” Database for the reporting services configuration Manager on SQL server it’s no working and mention in the Report server Mode: unknown and not Native. any help?
  11. I have WDS already installed on win server 2008 how can i install it on clients ?? (steps)
  12. Hi, How to capture windows 7 or any os image through pxe boot. without creating media disk thanks
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