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  1. Hi, I am trying to capture Windows 7 PC Image(which contains OS+SWs like Adobe,MS Office and all other SW without Hardware Drivers)to push to multiple different Hardware PCs. I read few articles regarding Windows Image Capturing is it best practice to Capture OS+SW without driver installed in VM and then import it to Task Sequence and push to multiple physical Host Machines?? I have little doubts, please help me to clear. 1. Is it the best practice to deploy captured OS With Software importing from Virtual Machine or can capture fresh OS of host physical PC itself as in my case we have multiple brand PC with same software to install for all the PCs but different drivers? 2. I even read in few articles to Disable the option Execute Sysprep in Task Sequence instead to manually execute the SYSPREP option logging into Windows 7 PC and executing the command SYSPREP with following options System Cleanup Action--->Enter System Out of Box Experience OOBE Enabling Generalize Shutdown options-->Restart 3.What will be the problem if instead of running sysprep manually why shouldn't be configured in Task Sequence itself? 4.After running sysprep and launching the \\DeploymentShare$\Scripts\LiteTouch.vbs to capture the image into MDT+WDS Server, should I include this captured ISO image into WDS Server? as i didn't seen in any article to include this capture image into WDS Server.. Request to please help on these doubts to carry further.. Thanks in advance..
  2. Hi, Can anyone please suggest\Help me to automate Windows 10 Upgrade process without having to login to Windows 7 Client Machine and execute the configured Windows 10 \\DeploymentShare\Capture\LiteTouch.vbs file?? My present lab setup is Windows 2012 R2 Running as DC,DNS & DHCP Server Another Windows 2012 R2 acting as WDS+MDT 2012 Client Machine Windows 7 x64-Professional.. Any suggestion please to automatically upgrade all the client machine keeping user data as it is? Thanks in advance...
  3. Thanks for the reply,can u pls apprehend me what kind of security issue will faces if hosted in the DC's Hyper-v machine?
  4. My present company is small size organization we have a decent configuration server of 72 GB RAM which at present acting as (OS:Windows Server 2008 R2) AD integrated DNS and print server, can we install hyper-v and host SCCM server under it????is it advisable to do so??? Kindly suggest!!!
  5. Hi! Am new to SCCM environment am trying to deploy Windows 7 OS via SCCM 2007 OSD terminology. Below is my scenario(lab setup using oracle vbox- Extension pack been installed for PXE boot) Windows server 2008 acting as AD integrated DNS, DHCP, WDS and PXE Service Point all are co-hosted in same server(for lab practice). Also SCCM 2007 R2,SQL Server 2005 R2 & MDT 2010 are installed all in the same Virtual Machine. DHCP is working quite fine, i configured PXE service point, WDS role is installed but without configuring the WDS, services are not getting invoke.so configured WDS Server and configured the DCHP options 60,66,67 In WDS Server enabled(ticked) the options "Do not listen on port 67" & "Configure DHCP option 60 to PXEclient" executed the wds cmd "wdsutil /set-server /usedhcpports:no /dhcpoption60:yes" changed the registry key "HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\wdsserver\providers\wdspxe usedhcpports to (0)" At DHCP Server manually included the server options Server option "066" String Data is updated to "(IP of WDS Server eg:" "067 String Data (\smsboot\x86\wdsnbp.com)" "060 String Data (PXEClient)" Ref to this link https://heineborn.com/tech/setting-option-66-and-67-for-dhcp configured the Operating System Deployment--->Boot images--->Operating System Images--->Operating System Install packages--->Task sequence (Create Task sequence using MDT) Advertised the Task Sequence to All unknown computer. When i try to boot the client PC from PXE boot option, it ends with the following errors Press F12 for network service boot PXE-M0F:Exiting Intel PXE ROM FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted. Please help me out in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi!! Am new to SCCM environment, i managed to install sccm 2007 with sql server 2005 SP2 in windows server 2008 OS. I have an mixed environmental client of both the Windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8.1 OS I created new program to deploy software silently without user's interaction to the software, but the software didnt found installed and also its not showing in user's control panel, advertise program.. One more query is, do cmd required to be filled in command line section-->under -->new program creation??? what i believe is for most of the exe and for msi, cmd line will get vary for installation.. Can anyone pls help me out in installing the any exe or msi software silently without user interaction to the program?! your reply will be highly appreciable, as am performing a project in a small organization, am completely new to sccm environment, referring to google and few videos am learning the thing now... So pls reply back to go ahead the project.!!!
  7. Hi!!! Am completely new to SCCM 2007 environement, am trying to accomplish a task, before writing my query let me outline the system environment. Am using Win server 2008 R2 - OS , SQL server 2005 with SP3 installed, Client PC are both the mixed environment of Windows XP and windows 7. I managed to install SCCM 2007 successfully, installed the client site configuraiton too, i have two queries!!! for all the setup.exe and setup.msi file, command lines are mandatory for software deployment?????as i noticed in a article during Firefox.exe deployment, firefox.exe -ms command line been used. i just wanna determine for every setup.exe file cmd line gets varies???? i want to deploy a exe file being silently without user's interaction to the application....Can u pls advise how could this be done???? And also can the robocopy and xcopy (Data copying) batch file are executed and schedule through SCCM 2007???if so, how??? i performed robocopy through schtasks and through GPO, it is working quite fine.... But the only concern is, the task being performing in background without displaying the cmd prompt window... here the issue is, user will not know, whats going at system background, chances of even shutting down the workstation, so if it displays the cmd prompt windows or the file opeartions, then the user will be aware from doing any kind of obstructing work.. so i want to try if there are they chances of doing data back(robocopy and xcopy) thorugh sccm.... Pls advise on both my queries....
  8. I am trying to deploy a integrated application through batch file, i can able to run the batch file without any problem, all the application i intended to install through the batch file it gets successively, but the thing here is all the time when the user startup the pc, it install every time, i want to include IF statement in the same script, as to rectify "If the file exist, it should exit" or else it should install the application.. I am doing this through GPO Startup option, i unable to complete the "IF cmd" here, could u please advise n help me what mistake am doing here in writing this batch file.... echo md c:\progra~1\planning echo y| cacls c:\progra~1\planning /G Everyone:f net use \\ 123 /user:administrator set File = c:\progra~1\planning\eureka.bat cd If not exist %File% Goto work cd If exist %File% Goto TheEnd :work copy \\\erp\eureka\eureka.bat c:\progra~1\planning\eureka.bat /y copy \\\erp\SSubTmr6.dll c:\progra~1\planning\SSubTmr6.dll /y copy \\\erp\eureka\FSPL-EUREKA-SETUP.bat c:\progra~1\planning\EUREKA-SETUP.bat /y copy \\\erp\vbalExpBar6.ocx c:\progra~1\planning\vbalExpBar6.ocx /y copy \\\erp\vbalIml6.ocx c:\progra~1\planning\vbalIml6.ocx /y copy \\\erp\regsvr32.bat c:\progra~1\planning\regsvr32.bat /y copy \\\erp\sys.bat c:\progra~1\planning\sys.bat /y @echo on cd C:\progra~1\planning start EUREKA-SETUP.bat & eureka.bat @pause cmd /k :TheEnd Exit Note : without this "IF cmd" the same script work quite fine, but all here i want to run this file only once during startup, if the desired application is not exist in your system...If the same exist, the script should get exit without copying and gettng installed in user pc....
  9. Sir, am new to server environment, i have used wds with mdt 2010 to deploy os in windows 2003 server, now am performing a project in windows 2008 server, am trying to deploy software to organization client through gpo under computer configuration,after completing those simple steps and performing gpupdate /force both the computer and user policy successfully updated, but the software which am trying to install in user end is not found-able..i came across and hear software can be deploy through wds as well...i dont know the process of doing with wds other than os deployment using mdt 2010 pxe booting..could you pls suggest me how to deploy multiple software to domain client using gpo or by using wds(by making wmi image) your suggestion and help will be much appreciable and more helpful in deploying the project...
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