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Slow App-v package installation within Software Center

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We have a strange problem at our SCCM 2012 CB 1806 ( for Windows 10 clients) environment.
The SCCM server hosts a lot of App-V packages and a user can install these App-v packages using Software Center on a client device.
The problem is the delay before the installation is ready. Sometime I have to wait voor almost 4 minutes.
When we install the same package on our "older" SCCM 2012 R2 Sp1 (for Windows 8.1 clients) environment there is no delay. Within 5 secondes te installation is ready and application can start.

The steps I did to solve the problem so far:

- Update the App-v anti malware exclusions.
- Uninstall all software on the endpoint, like SAP, AppSense\Ivanti etc.
- Move the device to an OU in AD so no policy is active.
- Disable Windows defender.

None of these steps did solve the delay.

When Ik look at the AppEnforce.log I see the Powershel commands executing without any error but with a delay. The only command which has no delay is the Publish-Appvclientpackage.

I also used Powershell and entered the Powershell commands for installing and publish a App-V package. Then there is no delay at all. App-V packages install within 5 secondes.
But when I use Software Center to install the same App-v package I have to wait almost 4 minutes.
I tested this with several App-V packages. App-v packages created on a Windows 8.1 sequencer or App-v packages created on a Windows 10 sequencer. There is no difference.

Installing an MSI package within Software Center had no delay.

So at the moment I have no clue what is causing this problem.




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