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  1. As part of a new project, we're building a few Windows 2012 R2 VHDXs from scratch (and starting with RTM) and I've run into a problem when it comes to windows updates.

    I can confirm that the problem definitely does not seem to be SCCM specifically, as a few of our packages get installed (after the client is installed, etc) AND one of the windows updates does get installed.

    When I run Microsoft Update on a fresh, RTM copy of Windows 2012 R2, I get the following list of Windows Updates as needed:
    KB2931366, KB2862152, KB2868626, KB2892074, KB2893294, KB2912390, KB3172729*, KB2843630, KB2884846, KB2887595, KB2903939, KB2911106, KB2913152, KB2913270, KB2919394, KB2923528, KB2928680, KB2939087, KB3021910

    I have searched all updates in our SCCM catalog, and the only one that shows up (for 2012 R2) is KB3172729. And sure enough, as soon as I run the Update actions, my new VM will see KB3172729 as needed and install it. But that seems to be the only update it will "see" in SCCM. The rest will show as needed via Windows/Microsoft Update. But nothing will ever happen from SCCM.

    Now, I imagine the problem is one of detection. Every single one of those updates has been superseded many, many times and I imagine all of them exist in the more current rollup updates.

    My question is, does anyone know what patches I should (or can) manually apply to my base VHDX to update it's patching to a point where it can finally detect the needed updates from SCCM?

  2. Ok, I'm slightly confused (read: very).


    My environment is as follows (simplified). One primary SCCM server (SVR-SCCM) W2K8r2 with SCCM 2007r3 that is also the PXE server for our Main Office. This site has been doing OSD perfectly. One Remote site (SVR-SITE1) that has it's own subnet, DC (with DHCP), and is a BDP. The Boot Image has been successfully pushed to the remote site.


    I'm remotely PXE booting machines to do OSD. Here are my steps (simplified)

    1) Boot remote computer

    2) F12 for boot options

    3) Choose "Boot from Onboard NIC"

    4) F12 for Network Boot

    5) Remote machine pulls wdsnbp.com from the PXE server (this takes about 10-15 minutes remotely)

    6) Remote machine pulls boot.wim from PXE server (900 mb file, takes forever)

    7) Brings up TS selection wizard

    Now, Step 6 is what I need assistance with. Am I able to have that boot.wim pull from my BDP? Or can that boot.wim ONLY be pulled from a PXE server? (This is the boot.wim that is in my ConfigMgr Admin Console under OSD->Boot Images.) I'm fairly certain that this should be pulling the boot.wim from the BDP, but I'm not sure. And if that is the case, what steps can I take to troubleshoot it and figure out why it is not pulling from the local BDP?



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