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  1. Hello,


    This is my first topic, so I would like to share a simple way to retrieve the smstslogs automatically during an OSD TS.


    Sometime, we can't stay in front of the computer during the TS, so, it's interesting to retrieve the logs on a share. We can do this by adding a group of tasks at the end of the TS like this :




    Then, We are going to add a task in general category "Connect to Network Folder" :




    You'll have to parameter the network folder path, the letter of the drive network path ("M:" in this example), and the account.


    Next step, we are going to use the TS Variable %_SMSTSMachineName% to create a folder in the network folder. The folder will have the name of the computer we are deploying :




    For the last step, we are going to copy the logs to the folder with the command : "cmd.exe /c copy %_SMSTSLogPath% M:\%_SMSTSMachineName%" :




    Before to advertise the TS, we have to check that every groups of the TS have the option "Continue on error" checked.


    At the end of your deployment (in error or not), you can check the logs.


    Hope that will help you.


    Gregory B

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  2. Hi,


    1- I confirm that you don't need any GPO.

    2- You can check the settings on the configuration manager properties of the clients. But you have many settings on the server. For example you can set any maintenance windows on your collections


    Hope that help you.



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