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  1. U can find the fix here.



    nu "Failed to start WDS service
    Library path mismatch:
    Finding Wimgapi.Dll
    MsiEnumRelatedProducts failed
    FindProduct failed; 0x80070103
    MsiEnumRelatedProducts failed
    FindProduct failed;
    Found C:\Windows\system32\wimgapi.dll
    SetNamedSecurityInfo() failed.
    SetObjectOwner() failed.
    SetFileSecurity() failed.

    Reinstalling Wimgapi from \configmgr\wim\wimgapi.msi on the site server solved the issue..

  2. I am having the same issue. Building through MDT as a new computer, the task sequence does the format and partition disk stage but looking at diskpart after building, there are still 4 partitions remaining:


    - Recovery 300mb

    - System 499mb

    - Reserved 128mb

    - Primary 58gb


    Could this have something to do with it?

    No that is because you are installing an UEFI deviece and the GPT partitions the disk that way, so its different compared to the old MBR.

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