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  1. anyweb, today i continue to deploy an application (winamp) to my client computer using the same setting that i used when i deploy firefox. i got notification like this >> "Assigned Program About To Run, An assigned program will run in 5 minutes, Double-click here for more information" >> I wait for 5 minutes, and nothing happen.. I force to run it without waiting the timer, but nothing happen too. can you show me the solution bro? :D


    btw, you use "-ms" installation command when deploying firefox. what does it mean?

  2. well the sms client is already installed in my client, i already check it in cpanel. but that client is not registered at Collections in SMS Administrator Console.


    after that, im googling to search a similar problem with me, and some article says that i should initiate Discovery Data Collection Cycle manually in client computer through Control Panel >> Systems Management >> Actions Tab.


    now the client computer has successfully installed firefox. thanks anyweb. now i want to deploy vista using SMS. wish me luck bro! :lol:


    btw in step 2, you told us to create SMSadmin and SMSread. can you explain, when should we use these user?

  3. that part of the step is required for RIS, part of risetup involves copying the I386 files/folders from an operating system cd, in my example we use a windows XP service pack 2 cd (vlk) the vlk means it's a volume license key cd.


    finish the complete setup as described in the guide then make sure to reboot


    joining the domain should be easy as long as you know the domain name and administrator password...


    hmm, what will happen if im not copying that i386 files?


    fyi, i already making vista n office image using bdd, i make unattended files with windows sim. and i succesfully deploy that build withh bdd 2007 to one baremetal pc.. thx for your guide anyweb, but i still get confused about installing sms 2003. i will be appreciate if u make the sms how to asap. :D :D :D

  4. anyweb, in your newest pdf, page 29 why do u tell us to "Insert the Windows XP SP2 VLK cd, and Tell windows where the XP cd is goingto be (in this case

    drive F:)"


    what is this step mean?


    another question: i already follow all of your step in newest pdf, except page 29 and so on. now i want to connect my another computer to the server that i recently build, but i cant join domain. what's wrong with that?

  5. i got two baremetal PC.. i have to do ZTI installation through thousands PC at my office. Sooo, i decide to make a lab, to practice the ZTI.


    at the first time, i install server 2003 sp1 at the first PC. and for the second PC, im planning to install vista on it and then make the image using bdd, and then store it in sms at PC #1.


    problem arise when im completing server 2003 installation. what should i do next?!?! i follow your pdf instruction. in your pdf, the first thing to do is configuring Domain Controller (Active directory). when i do what u say, server 2003 give me warning about tcp/ip configuration.. ur pdf did not cover that matter.. so what should i do next anyweb? please answer this question ASAP


    btw, this is the warning messages

    The TCP/IP Networking protocol must be properly configured in order to proceed. Complete the configuration!


    ~i'm sorry for my bad english. english is not my native language, but i hope all of u can understand what i write :D

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