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  1. Hi Jorgen, I don't think that your suggestion accomplishes what I'm trying to do, let me explain a little better. I pushed Office to 2 or 3 users as a production test, but I had the package set to "ConfigMgr Restarts", so after the sucessful installation, these client machines forced a reboot, which was apparently "unexpected" according to the Advertisement Status... Anyways, in turn, this caused a status of "Failed" for these 3 machines, so they're now in an inifinte loop of trying to install Office 2010, which is already installed, so every time it tries, the advertisement exceeds the time limit and fails again..... What I'm hoping is possible is to somehow manually update SCCM to tell it that the installation on machine X was actually sucessful - with the end result being that it will show as a success in the reports and stop trying the install over and over again. From the searching I've done this morning, I'm starting to think that this is not possible, but figured it was worth asking. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a way to manually change the status of an advertisement from Failed to Sucessful. I have a package for Office 2010 that completed sucessfully, but reported back to SCCM with a status of failed, so now it's trying to re-run at the scheduled interval and of course failing over and over... Is it possible to flip a registry key, or to tell the advertisement/package/machine that the install is actually sucessful?
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