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  1. My laptop started to play up a few months ago the cpu usage is very high and it is telling me this code C:/Users/julia/CNMSSC-1.DLL missing entry:SMSt in a small box when i load up my laptop. I seem to be draining my battery very quickly and its stressing me out. I noticed something was different on starting the lap top seems very slow and instead of the picture while loading i get a bar which loads over and over as an image like an energy bar. I have just downloaded AMD graphics which doesnt seem to make any difference as i got a warning about it. Download seemed successful but warning flag on taskbar says it has an issue with AMD graphics card on re starting. I also have a cannon printer someone said it was that but i got rid of it off laptop but still getting this warning....confused lol!! To top everything off i am not pc savvy. I may have no idea what you are talking about so pretend i am a five yr old as i also have cognitive function difficulties with my illness xxxx
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