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  1. You are out of luck as it doesn't work that way.


    Yep, I'm afraid I haven't been able to find a way. To have a consistent state, you can manually install all the updates by cross-checking the images (a boooring task to do) or you can use dism/powershell to extract the installed package from the wim image, then take that output and use Get-CMSoftwareUpdate and Set-CMOperatingSystemImageUpdateSchedule to schedule the updates ( Note: the latter cmdlet is available only for SCCM 2012 R2). SCCM will first perform a detection whether the update is already installed, and will skip it if it is already applied. After this, the updates will show as installed, but with no install date. Also, the available updates counter for the "Schedule Updates" option will be adjusted. Still better than nothing.


    Thanks for the info anyways :)

  2. What do you mean by CM12 does not detect the installed SU? Any installed SU will be shown in the SU reports, so....


    For example, I have an operating system image named Win_7.wim. I schedule updates for the image, they install succesfully and I can view the installed updates in the "Installed updates" tab of the image properties. So far so good. If I copy the image file Win_7.wim and name it Win_7_test.wim, and then import the new file as an operating system image in SCCM, I cannot see the installed updates in the image. So basically, I have the same image, but SCCM doesn't see the installed updates in the newly imported image.

  3. Hi all,


    Is there a way that SCCM rebuilds or queries an image file for the installed updates ? I have an operating system image which already has installed updates in it by using SCCM (they are listed as installed in the console). I copied the .wim file, and imported the image in SCCM under a new name for testing purposes, but SCCM doesn't detect any installed updates on the newly imported image. I read somewhere that SCCM keeps its own record of installed updates in the operating system images. Is there a way to force SCCM to query the image for installed updates ? I tried the reload option, but it doesn't help (although I think this is only for the image properties). Can someone point to some documentation regarding this ?


    Thanks in advance !

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