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Upgrade 2007 clients to 2012 fails.

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I'm working an a migration from 2007 to 2012, i'm at the final step to upgrade my clients to 2012.

When i manual push de client installation, I see in the client.msi.log that the value of the SLP is the old sccm server.

I've added the following switches to my push installation: SMSMP=NLSV001001.DOMAIN.COM SMSSITECODE=NLM SMSCONFIGSOURCE=PU RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE

I've done this because i havent extended my domain schema.


In SCCM 2012 the SLP role is integrated so you don't need to give this parameter for the installation, but in the log file the parameter is being used :S.

I think it's getting this old value from a cache or someting ?



In my SCCM 2007 Site i've removed the SLP Rol and removed all boundries, so there's no overlapping.


When i push de installation i've tried to uninstall the old client first and i've manualy selected the MP to get the client from, but it's not working.


In my testing fase i've succesfully installed some client through the push methode, but now it's not working?


Has some advise for me, where to look for the problem?


thanks in advanced.



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Does anyone know if the SRV RR record is required in the DNS for the Management Point?

If i manual install the client with a batch file with the parameter of my SMSMP the client installation is working fine.
Also with OSD the client is installing fine and is registerd on the MP.

Only the Client Push Installation will fail, i see in the locationservices.log the following error:
Failed to retrieve DNS service record using _mssms_mp_nlm._tcp.DOMAIN.COM lookup. DNS returned error 9003
So logical i think there is no such record for mine MP.

( We are in a Europe Domain with different subsidiaries, so i've no access to the DNS. )


I found a small work arround, when i change the SLP value in the registry of the client to the new MP then the Push installation is working. ( so i will create a regkey and deploy it with a GPO )


But i would love to know what my problem is, why Push installation failes.



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