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Collection that queries processor address width is very slow to update

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My first post in forums! Thanks to everyone who contributes here, what a great resource.


I am getting up to speed with SCCM 2012 R2. I recently installed clients using Client Push on over 100 servers. I have a pair of collections I created for ease of deploying client hotfixes. The collections are based on a query for Processor.Address Width = 64 (64-bit AMD64 client machines) and another collection for Processor.Address Width = 32 (32-bit x86 client machines).


OK so that was easy, and clients have *started* to populate the collection, but I have 100+ 64-bit clients and only 38 of them are in my 64-bit collection. Everyday, the number ticks upward by about a dozen clients. I don't understand this. My membership rules on the collection are set for Use incremental updates AND also run a full update every 5 days. Also, I have manually right clicked the collection and selected "Update Membership" and yet, nothing happens. I go off and do some other work, come back the next day, and the number has gone up magically... but is still far short of my 100+ clients in total that I expect to be in there.


I was thinking this was related to the Hardware Scan - I realize for freshly deployed clients it takes some time for the initial scan, so that the Processor.AddressWidth information is available. BUT I don't believe this to be an issue, because right now all my clients have sent at least one round of Hardware Scan data back to SCCM and yet, only 38 of 100+ are in my 64-bit collection.


I am missing something here... I don't know what it is.


More info: I created a query in the Queries folder for Processor.Address Width = 64 and I do return well over 100 items, like I'd expect. So the data is definitely there.

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UPDATE: I just made a breakthrough and I'm starting to understand what is happening here. For my 64-bit collection, I am using a limiting collection I created called "All Windows Computers" which is based on the query System Resource.Operating System Name and Version is like "%Microsoft Windows%". The membership of this limiting collection was up to date. Regardless, I forced a manual update, and then, interestingly, my 64-bit colleciton "woke up" and jumped right up to the number I expected, which is 102.


So at least I can fix this with some prodding, but I'm still confused as to the delay on the 64-bit collection. I've told my 'All Windows Computers' limiting collection to perform incremental updates AND a full update every 3 days, and it has been keeping regularly up to date. There's something goofy with the interaction between the two collections.

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