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USMT - how to include some files in a folder



since about two months we're having fun here trying out MDT 2012 and USMT5. :D The idea is implementing LTI. Now, I have this Windows 7 testpc here and I'm doing a User Data Capture. This pc contains a folder - c:\Notes - which contains some subfolders and lots of files. Within this c:\Notes there are four files I want to keep, the rest is of no interest. On the internet I can find quite a lot of info about how to include a folder and to exclude some files within, but alas I don't find anything about the other way around : include files situated in a (sub)folder and deleting the rest.


I tried this MigNotes.xml but it didn't work. The complete c:\notes was copied. I tried the unconditionalexclude too, but that was even more dominant, the complete c:\notes was excluded. :wacko: Using more than one component seems to be a no go too, because each component is evaluated individually. And the order of the rules within a component is of no importance too.... So, in a way, this xml shows me what I want to achieve but we don't know what syntax to use. It would be nice if some of you out there could assist us.


Thanks in advance,



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- MigNotes.xml -->
<migration urlid="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/mignotes">

<component type="Documents" context="System">
<displayName>Notes Configuration Files Migration</displayName>
<role role="Data">
<pattern type="File">C:\Notes\Data\ [bookmark.nsf]</pattern>
<pattern type="File">C:\Notes\Data\ [names.nsf]</pattern>
<pattern type="File">C:\Notes\Data\ [*.id]</pattern>
<pattern type="File">C:\Notes\ [notes.ini]</pattern>
<pattern type="File">C:\Notes\* [*]</pattern>


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