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I want to Patch up all of computers in domain to updated level

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Dear All,


What is the best way to perform the updates smartly as whenever I get the report from SCCM for compliance I get detail of pcs but cannot add all those PCs at once in a new collection and assign/deploy specific updates to them.


I have followed Article and my ADR for monthly updates which are working fine. But I have PCs that are missing other updates.


I want to update my entire domain with all security and critical updates. I have XP, Win 7 & Win 8 computers in it.


I have another question - If I select all updates and deploy them will it be installed on all computers or it will be installed on the computer that do not have those updates installed and bypass installation on already installed computers.


Thanks for Kind Help in advance.



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What I have done in the past was do a search for Required is greater than or equal to 1. This should give you all of the updates that are required on at least one machine. Take those updates and create a deployment. Deploy that to how you want / need.


If a machine already has the update, it will confirm that it is installed and then skip it. It will not attempt to install it again.

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