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Missing Distribution Points in TS Media creation wizard

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Good morning all...

I'm currently working on a task which I'm hoping will allow non-administrative technicians in the field to create their own OSD TS media. As of now, I've created a custom security role and scope for these users. The security role defines that they have read permissions to packages, applications, updates, driver, task sequences, and the create task sequence media. I have assigned the TS that I want them to use to the custom security scope along with the distribution points.


The problem I'm running into is that when running the wizard, after selecting the TS and it successfully showing the pertinent applications, it does not list any available distribution points to pull from. This works normally from my administrative account, but not in the my test account with the custom role and scope. I'm guessing I've just missed a permission or assignment somewhere and was hoping someone has experience with this?



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Any ideas on this? If I simply remove the custom security scope and add the Default scope while keeping the custom role, everything works fine. But, that allows the remote users to see everything that is automatically assigned to the default security scope. Surely, I don't have to create a custom scope and define everything else to it and undefine it all from Default?

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