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Random Issue Plaguing OSD Deployments: Exit Code 16389

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Hey Guys / Niall -


OSD task sequences have been one of the many things under my umbrella since starting my current position about 8 months ago. As with any environment, issues come and go - however - there's been one which occurs randomly and cannot easily be reproduced which I cannot figure out.


Our current OSD task sequence is fairly detailed and supports all models we use. Depending on choices made from a frontend created via AutoIT, it can do many things including apply Win7 OS, provision Win 8 OS, install apps, etc. The steps which install the applications are straightforward and consists of a mix of Applications and Packages which reboots in between where required.


The Issue

The issue is that on some builds (1-2 per week), the TS will stop and throw an error due to an application which failed to install. The exit code is always 16389 and the application affected is random. We can continue the TS but must manually install whichever application threw it after the TS finishes. When imaging systems, we can do 1 - 12 at a time which are all running the same TS on the same computer model, but only one have the issue. In the past when trying to run the TS on the same system again, it works without the issue.


In the past 3 weeks, it's occurred when installing CCleaner and Cisco AnyConnect client - both Applications - but in the past has affected many different ones.


I unfortunately don't have log files to attach at the moment, but will soon. I wanted to go ahead and post in case this rang a bell for anyone who may have a suggestion or have heard of it before.


Any ideas? Thanks Guys!

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Same strange random problems with installing applications In OSD/Task Sequence with ConfigMgr R2 2012 (Cu3) here also.

The task sequence failed to install application <APP> for action <ACTION> in the group () with exit code 16389. The operating system reported error 2147500037: Unspecified error

The task sequence manager could not successfully complete execution of the task sequence. A failure exit code of 16389 was returned.


No appenforce.log created!


smsts.log errors:

NotifyProgress received: 24 (Application download failed )

Execution status received: 24 (Application download failed )

App install failed.

Install application action failed: '<APP>'. Error Code 0x80004005


Especially with applications you should also consult other log files like App*.log DCMAgent.log CIAgent.log CIDownloader.log Policy*.log

How about the errors in these logfiles (same timeframe)?


I have got it working after disabling the 2015 January updates group. It could be that some December patches are included in this group.

Now troubleshooting with the individual updates. Strange situation in our environment is we only have the random problems on our site location. Deploying to Virtual Machines in Datacenter no application errors at all.

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I've noticed this as well. Seems to be a bug within the task sequence process. I removed the applications from the T/S and created packages for those applications. Haven't had a problem yet.

Exit Code 16389 is a code you only will see at application deployment.

Changing back to packages will be our last resolution because of a few advantages. Why is using application deployment after OSD no problem I cannot understand. In my opinion it is not that different. Provisioning mode true and ServiceUI


But back to topic please.

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old topic, but I thing I found the issue.

The task sequence execution engine starts the next installation before the current one is finished.

The engine waits for an exit code from msiexec and starts the next installation right away, but in some cases msiexec is still doing stuff.

You get this error in the TS status messages, but the actual application exit code received is 1618.

That was it in my case at least.

Hope this helps :)

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