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PXE boot - no entry in "Clear last PXE Advert"

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Hi guys,


I have created direct collection with several computers (Win XP). All of them have client installed.

I have created maintenance window and applied only to operating system deployment task sequences. The maintenance windows is from 1am today to 11om today.

That collection (lets call it "6thMay") is a child collection of "OS Deployment" collection. Task sequence is advertised to "OS Deployment" collection with option to include child collections.


Advertisement is set like that (see attachment):



Seems to be ok. Some PCs are already running task sequence and installing new OS.

Problem is while right click on the PC account in the "6thMay" collection that actually is in the middle of OS deployment, "Clear last PXE Advertisement" is empty.

Why is that?


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OK. I found something strange. Instead update current computer account in SCCM, another with the same has been created and old one has been marked as obsolete.

Can someone tell me why is that?

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