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SCCM error 80004005 - no BiOS issue - driving me crazy!

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Hey guys,


I hope that you can help me out. Here is my situation:


-Using SCCM 2012 R1

-Usually deploying Windows 7 to Lenovo and Acer PCs - works perfect

-Got new industrial PCs by MSI now (Windbox II) - that had no UUID which I fixed with AMIDMI.exe /u etc.

-Task sequence starts like this:




-Step 2&3 check wether it's UEFI or not and partitions the disk

-Step 4 executes a script to allow me to give the machine a hostname

-This task sequence is used (in modified versions) for different PCs with different images and works for all of them


The issue:


As soon as I start the TS for the Windboxes, step 3 is chosen and completed succesfully (BIOS) but step 4 is ignored with the following error as logged in SMSTS.log:




What makes me wonder is the following message and I don't know if it is normal (CRL=false):




During Step3




Step 4




The most confusing thing about all that errors is, that 1 out of 15 attempts suddenly works and if you reboot the deployment fails again :-/ it doesn't even matter if I chose IDE or SATA in BiOS :(

I also tried a different HDD that works in our Lenovo devices btw. Log is attached as well (replaced the real name with fictional ;) ).

So when the TS starts to apply the OS it fails with 80004005 error.


Thanks in advance.


PS: Please move my post to this subforum: Configuration Manager 2012




Problem solved:


Hi again,


I think the issue is solved, but it doesn't really make sense to me, cuz it is incredibly stupid.. I tested the "workaround" 5 times now..

As we all know you're prompted to strike F12 for SCCM PE boot.

To avoid missing this step I hit F12 repeatedly which caused the TS to fail!!

If I only strike F12 when prompted the TS works properly..

If there is anyone out there who is able to explain this, just lemme know..

Maybe a secret AMI Bios command like in this case?




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