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I am trying to deploy CMTrace as part of the TS (SCCM 2012 SP1, no MDT integration) and also set it as default log viewer.

This is my powershell script:


$RelativePath = (split-path $SCRIPT:MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path -parent)+"\"
Copy-Item -Path $RelativePath"CMTrace.exe" -Destination "c:\temp\" -Force
xcopy "c:\temp\CMtrace.exe" "c:\windows\System32" /y
xcopy "c:\temp\CMtrace.exe" "c:\windows\SYSWOW64" /y
$CMtraceKey = "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Trace32"
Set-ItemProperty -Path $CMtraceKey -Name "Register File Types" -Value 00000000
$Parameters = "assoc .log=logfile"
cmd.exe /c $Parameters


The xcopy commands do not work for some reason, and smsts log doesn't show me anything.


Can somebody advise on why the copy commands do not work and how can I apply the HKCU key properly ?



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I have found a partial solution. For copying I needed to use sysnative instead of system32, to avoid folder redirection.

Also with the help from this blog I have found how to properly set file association.


One more thing missing, how to set the HKCU reg key properly, because now cmtrace asks if it is default viewer every time it gets opened.



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