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Global Condition based on Powershell Script - Deployment disapears

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Dear m8's,


We got an Application deployed to a Usercolletion and to Devicecollection.

As soon as we add any powershell-script based global condition to the requirements of the deploymenttype the application disappears from the Softwarecenter (Device-deployment) but it stays in the Softwarecatalog (User-deployment)


If the Condition is Powershell and returns Stringit fails.
if it is Powershell and returns boolean it works.
if it is VBS and returns strin or boolean it works.

For the Userdeployment it all works find the global condition script works as planed. But we can not deploy an application with such a global contition to devices.

As an Example when we follow exactly this:

We can not deploy an ap with that condition to a devicecollection only usercollection work.

From the comments we see that others semm to have the same Problem.

Any Ideas?
Regards Aspi

.... I can't believe it works as designed. Opened a supportcase at MS if we can not find a solution here i will report MS supportcase results here

SystemCenter Configuration Manager 2012 SP2 CU4

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Results: Bug
Microsoft Support confirmed this to be a bug.


Short description:


if an application has two deployment types both using a global condition based on powershell and one those global conditions has the

"run with logged on user credentials" checked. Deployment will fail. For if deployed to device collection.


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