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Component Status empty, inboxes\statmgr.box\retry filling up

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I'm running SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. Recently I went to look at my component status and noticed that if I try to open the message viewer most of them were empty unless I told it to show me events from a month ago.


Doing some digging, I found several instances of people having had this problem, and they all went back to the same solution. Go to \inboxes\statmgr.box\retry, delete the oldest sql file and then restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service.


Sure enough, I went there and had a backlog of thousands of files. I did as suggested, and it proceeded to process a few hundred files, then stopped. If I repeat the process, it will then process anywhere from a couple of dozen to a few hundred backlogged files before stopping again.


If I look in statmgr.log, I see entries like this:


WARNING: SMS_STATUS_MANAGER could not insert 41 status messages, 67 insertion strings, and 45 attribute ID/value pairs into the database at this time but retry them in 600000 milliseconds.


Has anybody experienced this or have any insight as to what may be going on?

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I figured it out. Looking at one of the sql files where it stopped processing, I found references to a driver package. A tech who works in my group said "Oh yeah, we've been having problems with that driver package not distributing properly." I pulled it off the distribution point and the backlog of files in statmgr.box\retry immediately began processing. I'm going to have him rebuild that driver package.

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