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Distribution Points sending large amount of data to Primary server

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Hi all,


hoping someone can help me with this, we have multiple DP's sending large amounts of data TO the primary server, and I cant work out why this is happening.
over the last 5 days, one of these DP's has sent approx 13 GB's of data, there approx 60 active machines on this site.


our site structure is 1 x Primary, 6 x Secondaries (these are for regional breakdown) and 45 DP's distributed across the secondaries (though some are directly to the Pri).


I wasnt sure if it could be from Hardware/software inventory, or s/w update deployment eval data. But the inventory data should go to one a secondary, not direct to the primary, and I have yet to work out how to track/measure te eval data.


Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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