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OSD on a schedule

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I have a lab of 12 PCs that I need to re-image every 3 months. I've created a task sequence that is zero-touch and works great, however the schedule is where I'm having issues.


In my tests I have the schedule to run every day at 12pm. It runs the first day, but the next day it doesn't run.


If I have the rerun behavior set to "rerun if failed previous attempt" it doesn't ever run again.


If I have the rerun behavior set to "rerun if succeeded on previous attempt" it reruns almost immediately after the imaging is complete.


What am I missing here? What is the point of the schedule if it just ignores it?

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Have you tried 'Always rerun program' and have the schedule set to the time you want it? In theory it should always rerun the TS at that time each day (or every 3 months for Prod)


An overly complicated way of doing it would be to write a script that creates a new deployment every 3 months and deletes the old one. This could be set as a scheduled task on the server.

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