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Windows 10 In Place Upgrade

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I have a TS which performs an In Place Upgrade of Win7 to Win10, the user will be offered the deployment via Software Center.


I've been asked to develop a script file that will determine if the logged in user that started the deployment is a member of specific AD Global Groups but I've had a few issues as listed below.


The TS runs as SYSTEM from what I can see, how when the TS runs can I determine who the logged in user was?


In order to evaluate the users group membership I need to query AD but SYSTEM I assume won't be able to do this, so any pointers on how best to do this? I thought of using ADO with user credentials passed to it via the TS to maybe do this?


Lastly, how within an In Place Upgrade can I get access to a command prompt that is running in the context of the TS? I've tried adding a step to run a command prompt, the step runs the command prompt but it's hidden, reason I wanted to do this is it would make testing and developing easier then testing the changes with a run of the TS.




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