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Windows 10 1607 TS and Appv Caching

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As part of the build of a Windows 10 desktop I'd like to pre-cache some Appv applications. So I have a default user who is a member of the relevant AD groups which are linked to the Appv apps. If I logon to a built desktop as this user then the Appv client caches all the Appv that the user has been given access to.

So I'd like to do this as part of the build Task Sequence so what I've done is create a few Powershell scripts and added these as Run Command Line steps:

1) Enables Appv on the machine and restarts

2) Checks that Appv is enabled after the restart

3) Configures Appv with the name and port of the Publishing server

4) Run a powershell script that Syncs with the Publishing server, gets the Appv application that the user has access to (Get-AppvClientPackage -All) and then cache the apps (Mount-AppvClientPackage)

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are all run under SYSTEM and I've created other test scripts that I have also run to prove thatĀ Appv is enabled, that the Appv client service is running and the Publishing server configured.

The problems comes with 4 which I run under the context of the default user, when the script runs each command returns an error message stating that either Appv isn't enabled or that the service isn't running and I can't understand why? If I run this same step as SYSTEM then the script runs fine but no Appv applications get cached as SYSTEM isn't a member of any Appv associated AD groups.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be happening and what I can do to actually find out what exactly is going on? I've tried getting a Command Prompt using ServiceUI.exe but again if I run this as SYSTEM I get a prompt but if I run this as the default user I get nothing.

Sort of stuck and could do with some help if possible please :)

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