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Issue with multiple device restriction policies

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Hello all, I have been asked to look at a config issue that is happening with our iPad's, I am more from an AirWatch background and I'm still getting to grips with Intune so bear with me.

The issue is that we have a device restriction policy which stops users from taking screen shots, we have some users who need to be exempt from that restriction.

At the moment, the devices get the "main" restriction policy because they are a member of a Dynamic Azure Group and from what I can tell the restriction policy that has been set to exempt devices, has been assigned to a static group sync'd from AD. According to Intune, there are only 32 devices getting that policy, but there are over a hundred users in the group.

Is the user because the assigned has been mixed? I.e. one policy is being applied per user and the other per device?

If you need anymore information then please let me know.



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