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OSD deployment bails in the middle of the process. Log shows "failed to save environment to"

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We have a couple of task sequence for deploying Windows 7 that are working properly without any issue. One of those did not have the USMT embedded, so I updated it with 1) disabling the format partition and 2) used USMT to save the data, boot on PXE, Apply the image and restore the data.


When doing this, the task sequence runs fine at the beginning:


0) Run the task sequence from Advertised programs on WinXP.

1) It does a hard link save state.

2) restarts in PE

3) Apply the Win7 image and drivers

4) Restarts and apply graphic driver by running the installation software

5) Restarts and it supposed to continue installing software but bails out with no error. It just reboots and it goes into the login screen.


In the log I find the following:


Failed to save environment to c:\_SMSTaskSequence\TSEnv.data (80090017)


and later on:


Failed to set log directory. Some execution history may be lost. The system cannot find the file specified (Error 80070002)


I am at lost on this one. Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Or somebody has run into this situation??



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After trying for several days, I was able to find the problem.


One of the software packages was restarting after installing, cutting the task sequence in the middle. Because the software was right at the end before the next restart, then I couldn't see it.


Since the software was initiating a restart, then the TS cannot save the log info, and when restarts, cannot continue with the rest of the installations.


I redid the package to avoid the restart and it works now. I hope this info can help others. B)

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