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SQL server 2008 R2 Remote conenction

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I have a problem connecting to my MS SQL 2008 R2 express from remote machines but it works in the same subnet for example I have SQL server in and I try to connect from I connect normally but if I try to connect from outside IP:port\SQLEXPRESS it fails I checked with http://www.ping.eu/port-chk/ if port is open and it is I also configured TCP/IP in Sql Server Config Manager to that port.

I also tried this tutorial:



Any suggestions

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One thing this link doesn't discuss is the windows 2008 R2 firewall.


Open ports:

1433, TCP. (Database Engine)

1434 UDP (Browser Service)


This should solve your connection issue, like brendant says, if your TCPIP and Names pipes are enabled in configuration manager, under network protocols.



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